PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

31. Community development through production of babassu craft around Porto Velho´s City, Brazil download here

Izabel Cristina da Silva, Prof. Dr. Flávio de São Pedro Filho, Profa. Irene Yoko Taguchi Sakuno, Profa. Jayashree Arvind Dake and Luciana Santos de São Pedro

32. Research on Entrepreneur Networks: A comprehensive Review of Literature download here


33. The Aging Italian: Will Low Fertility Rate Cause an Inevitable Population Collapse? download here

A.J.A. Radomes and Y. Xu

34. Evaluation of Public Contracts in Teaching Hospitals in Czech Republic – 2006 to 2011 download here

Alena Maaytová, and Stanislav Klazar

35. Determinants of Small Equity Investor”s Risk Assumption Attitude download here

Imran Ali and Muhammad Sharafat Waheed

36. Role of Tourism Clusters for Economy of Samarkand city download here

Ashanov U. and Asadov A.

37. Bio Economics of Coral Reefs download here


38. Impact of delivery term on European patents’ renewal download here

Niaz Kammoun

39. The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Nigeria Universities (A Study of Government-Owned and Private Universities in South East Nigeria) download here

Uju. S. Muogbo

40. Investigating Attitudes and Intentions among Potential Entrepreneurs of a Developing Country: A Conceptual Approach download here

Naimatullah Shah and Bahadur Ali

41. Carbon Footprint Study of Environment and Energy Research Institute in Qatar download here

Rita. Chamoun

42. Implementation Framework of Green Building Design For Malaysian Government Building download here

Shiela Sharif, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sr Syahrul Nizam Kamaruzzaman and Prof. Michael Pitt

43. Gas Chromatographic Determination of Residual Styrene Monomer from Polystyrene Products Bought in Thailand Markets download here

Kieatsuda Poouthree

44. Flexural Behaviour of Basalt Chopped Strands Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams download here

R Singaravadivelan, P.Chinnadurai, Dr.KL.Muthuramu and Dr.P.Vincent

45. Concentration of Some Micronutrient Heavy Metals in Selected Commonly-used Fertilizers in Saudi Arabia download here

O. Al-Horayess

46. Controlled Environment and SMS Monitoring System for Pampanga Agricultural College Chicken Egg Farm Coop download here

Aloysius S. Valerio, Nestlé R. Juco, Michel Plaisent and Prosper Bernard

47. Volatile Organic Compounds Abatement: A Critical Discussion of Destruction Techniques download here

Edison Muzenda and Mohamed Belaid

48. Potential and Technical basis for Utilising Coal Beneficiation Discards in Power Generation by Applying Circulating Fluidised Bed Boilers download here

Mohamed Belaid, Rosemary Falcon, Pasi Vainikka and Kamohelo V Patsa

49. How good is compliance with surgical intibiotic prophylaxis guidelines in Erbi/Iraq? download here

Ali A. Al-Dabbag and Mazin A Hajy

50. Effect of a Combined Oral Contraceptive Containing 30 mg Ethinylestradiol and 75 mg Gestodene on Haemostatic Mechanisms in a Group of Albanian Women download here

Eliana Ibrahimi, Mynyr Koni and Jurida Ademi

51. Limiting inflammatory cytokines ameliorates wound healing in diabetic rats supplemented with dietary whey protein download here

Hossam Ebaid, Osama Ahmed, Ayman Mahmoud and Rasha Ahmed

52. Calcium Orotate in Osteoporosis download here

Nazia Yasmeen, Vijaya Durga. B, Vijay Kumar. G and Nazibaba. Syed

53. Isolation and Purification of Riboflavin Binding Protein from Parrot download here

Nadhira Nikhath and MSK Prasad

54. Comparison Study of HPLC Profiles and Antioxidant Activities of Traditional Chinese Herb Abri Cantoniensis and Abri Mollis download here

Mei Yang, Mazen AL Zaharna, Zhifeng Zhang, Yeqing Huang, and Hon-Yeung Cheung

55. MECC - Dansyl Chloride Derivatization for Determination of Amino Acids in Turtle Shell download here

Lin-Qiu Li and Hon-Yeung Cheung

56. AFM and Proteomic Analysis of Spore Coat Involved In Spore Germination of Geobacillus stearothermophilus download here

Dong W., Shen Q., Al Zaharna M., Zhang Z., and Cheung H.-Y.

57. Beta-cyclodextrin and acetonitrile facilitated separation of flavonoid analogues by capillary zone electrophoresis and its application in quality anal download here

Yuan-Yuan Li, Qing-Feng Zhang, Hongyan Sun, and Hon-Yeung Cheung

58. Evaluation of anti-malarial activity of Orostachys japonicus (Crassulaceae) against 3D7, K1 strains, and field isolates (Madang, Papua New Guinea) of download here

Dong Chan Lee and Francis W. Hombhanje

59. WSN & Cloud Computing framework for E-medication download here

Sajjad Hussain Shah, Fazle Kabeer Khan, Houda Zarhouni, Said EL HAJJI

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