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1. Management Of Melon Fruit Fly, Myiopardalis pardalina Bigot (Diptera: Tephritidae) In Kunduz, Afghanistan download here

Asadullah, Salim Jan, Sajjad Ahmad, Moeen‐U‐Din Siraj and Muhammad Ajmal

2. Prediction of microRNA‐regulated A. thaliana‐Xcc protein interaction pathways download here

Nilubon Kurubanjerdjit, Jeffrey J.P Tsai and Ka‐Lok Ng

3. The association of G6PD Mahidol, 697 bp deletion in CXorf2/TEX28 and color blindness in Karen download here

Prasittisa K. and Cheepsunthorn C.L.

4. Preparation and Characterization of pH‐Sensitive Semi‐Interpenetrating Polymer Networks of Chitosan and Polyvinylpyrrolidone download here

Anupama Thakur, Mehak and R.K. Wanchooo

5. Mango Grading By Using Fuzzy Image Analysis download here

Tajul Rosli B. Razak, Mahmod B. Othman, Mohd Nazari bin Abu Bakar,
Khairul Adilah bt Ahmad, Ab Razak Mansor

6. Effects of Rotational Speed and Inlet Concentration on Fine Extraction Efficiency at Different Screen Apertures of an Extractor download here

Thanasit Samruayphon, Jindarat Pimsamarn and Warinthorn Songkasiri

7. Comparison of Selenium Immobilization, using Local River sand, Graphite and Modified Nano-nickel Graphite-A Special Emphasis on Kinetic and hermody download here

Tayyaba Asim, Riaz Ahmed and Muhammad Shahid Ansari

8. Studies on an Economically Viable Treatment Process for Removal of Zn2+ ions from Water using Chemically Modified Rice (Oryza sativa) Husk download here

Neeta Sharma, Jatinder Singh and Meenakshi Goyal

9. An Automatic Nitrogen Estimation Method in Sugarcane Leaves Using Image Processing Techniques download here

Piti Auearunyawat, Teerasit Kasetkasem, Audthasit Wongmaneeroj, Akinori
Nishihara and Rachaporn Keinprasit

10. Assessment of Ship Breaking and Recycling Industries in Bangladesh ‐ An Effective Step Towards The Achievement Of Environmental Sustainability download here

Mosabbir. Pasha, Aziz. HasanMahmood, Istiakur. Rahman, and Abul. Hasnat

11. Growth Properties of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta L.) Living in Different Streams, Upper Coruh River (Turkey) download here

Ayhan Yıldırım, Murat Arslan, Serdar Bektaş and Edward J. Peters

12. Effects of site and exogenous application of yeast extract on the growth and chemical composition of soybean download here

Abdel Rahman M. Al‐Tawaha and Faisal Ababneh

13. The Effectiveness of AM Fungal in Improving the Tolerance of Sweet Potato Plants to Drought Stresss download here

Saraswati Prabawardani, Wasgito D. Purnomo and Nouke L. Mawikere

14. Historical Change and Distribution of Nebraska Freshwater Fish download here

Ayhan Yıldırım, Mark A. Pegg and Edwart J. Peters

15. Role of Effective Communication in Retention and Motivation of Employees download here

Muhammad Ashfaq, Dr Kashif ur Rehman, Dr. Nadeem Safwan and Asad
Afza Humayoun

16. Ethical/Sustainable/CSR (ECS) Public Disclosing Information and Financial Performance download here

Lucely Vargas and Mauricio Fanni

17. Conceptual Analysis of Desalination System working on Humidify and Dehumidify technique using Solar Air Heater download here

Anil Kr Tiwari and Taranjeet Sachdev

18. Application of Hoshin Kanri for Continuous Improvement in Procurement of Automotive Industry download here

Piyathip Theppinta and Jeerapat Ngaoprasertwong

19. Smart Vehicles and Transportation System download here

K.Shiva subramaniyan

20. Combustion Modeling of Diesel Engine Using Bio‐Diesel as Secondary Fuel download here

Vivek Kumar Gaba, Prerana Nashine and Shubhankar.Bhowmick

21. Simulation of flow in lid driven cavity by MRT and SRT download here

Mohammad. Razzaghian, Mohammad. Pourtousi and Amer. Nordin Darus

22. PAPR mitigation in superposition coded modulation systems using selective mapping download here

Tao Peng and Min Ye

23. Study and Analysis on Effect of Source to Film Distance and Exposure Voltage on the Radiographic Image download here

P.Chitra, B.Sheela Rani and B.Venkatraman

24. The Improved Doubly Selective Channel Estimation Method Research download here

Zhikun Song, Ruizhe Yang, Li Zhang, and Yanhua Zhang

25. Channel Environment Change Detection Based on Support Vector Machine download here

Li Zhang, Ruizhe Yang, Zhikun Song, and Yanhua Zhang

26. A Technique to Remove Scratches from QR Code Images download here

Kamon Homkajorn, Mahasak Ketcham, and Sartid Vongpradhip

27. Identifying QR Code download here

Chanon Skawattananon, Mahasak Ketcham and Sartid Vongpradhip

28. Marker‐Based Augmented Reality Magic Book for Anatomical Education download here

Pantida Patirupanusara

29. License Plate Detection Based on Template Matching Algorithm download here

Benjapa Ratchatasriprasert, Kittawee Kongpan, Paruhat Punyarprateep and
Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk

30. Data Hiding Method for QR Code Based on Watermark by compare DCT with DFT Domain download here

Suppat Rungraungsilp, Mahasak Ketcham, Virutt Kosolvijak and Sartid

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