PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Effects of Vegetable Milk on Survival of Probiotics and Rheological and Physicochemical Properties of Bio-Ice Cream download here

Fatemeh. Aboulfazli, Ahmad salhin. Baba, and Misni. Misran

2. Evaluation of Convective and Radiation Heat Loss on Thermosyphon Pipe download here

Majid Lotfi, Rasool Ghasemzadeh, and Ali Kargar

3. Comparison of Pretreatment Methods for Biofuel Production download here

Rasool Ghasemzadeh, Ali Kargar, and Majid Lotfi

4. Environmental Audit For Swine Waste Management Systems in Lipa City, Philippines download here

Vivienne Rhea S. Padura, and Antonio J. Alcantara

5. Dilute Acid Hydrolysis of Walnut Green Skin for Fermentable Sugar Production download here

Ali Arastehnodeh

6. Application of Web Geospatial Decision Support System for Tanjung Karang Rice Precision Irrigation Water Management download here

Maina Mamodu Mohd, Mohd Soom Mohd Amin, Md Rowshon Kamal, Aimrun Wayayok, Samsuzana Abdul Aziz, and Mohd Yazid

7. The Air Pollution by Fuel combustion download here

Faisal Mohammed Saif Al-shamiry

8. Key Facts about the Feasibility of Leucaena as a Complementary Biomass Crop to Oil Palm in Malaysia download here

Ibraheem Alshareef

9. The Study of Seed Yield and Yield Components in Different Populations of Moldavian Balm (Dracocephalum Moldavica L.) download here

Mohammad Bagheri, and Maryam Sadat Salamati

10. Importance of Strengthening Management of Liquidity in Banking System download here

Khoren Albert Mkhitaryan

11. The Big Cycles of Accumulation of Knowledge download here

Dr. Gagik Vardanyan

12. Industrial Policy Strategic Priorities and Peculiarities in the Republic of Armenia download here

Aghavni Grigor Hakobyan

13. Main Issues of National Security Protection in the Age of Globalization download here

Vardan Atoyan

14. The Basic Indicators of Efficiency of Audit Firms of Armenia under Present-Day Conditions download here

Anush Margaryan

15. The Dynamic Impact of Oil Rent (per capita) on Labor Productivity in Libya download here

Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed, Mahazan Abdul Mutalib, Adel M.Abdulaziz, Mikail Ibrahim

16. Teachers Perspective on Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Non-English-Speaking Inclusive Education Setting download here

Sing Kai LO, Ping Ying LI, Mingxia JI, Tsz Tsun LAI, Wik Ki WONG, Winnie SO, Kenneth SIN

17. Simulation of Transient Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer a Mold of Paint Bucket in Process of Plastic Injection download here

Ali Kargar

18. Design and Evaluation of Photovoltaic Systems using Different Techniques download here

Hussein A Kazem, Amira M. S. Al-Aisaee, K. Sopian, Ahmed Said Albusaidi, and M. H. Albadi

19. Differential Evolution Algorithm for Likelihood Estimation download here

Mohd Sapiyan bin Baba and Rawaa Dawoud Al-Dabbagh

20. First Successful Documentation on The Embryonic, Larval and Juvenile Development of the Tropical Sea Urchin, Diadema Setosum (Leske, 1778) download here

M. Aminur Rahman, Fatimah Md. Yusoff, and A. Arshad

21. Salinity Effects on the Embryonic and Larval Development of the Tropical Species of Indo-Pacific Sea Urchin, Salmacis Sphaeroides (Linnaeus, 1758) download here

M. Sarifudin, M. Aminur Rahman, S.H. Yu, Fatimah Md. Yusoff, and A. Arshad