PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Spectrophotometric and Kinetic Studies of Charge Transfer Complexes of Pantoprazole with Chloranilic Acid and DDQ as π- Acceptor download here

Doaa.F. Baamer, E.H. El-Mossalamy and Salih S. Al-Juaid

2. Estimation of Diffuse Solar Radiation in Lagos, Nigeria download here

Sanusi Y.K and Abisoye S.G

3. Evaluation the Effect of Sowing Date on Agro-morphological Traits of Safflower Cultivars download here

Mohammad Bagheri Khoulenjani, Morteza Ansari and Maryam sadat Salamati

4. Approach to the development of the Program of Monitoring of Composition of Atmospheric Air download here

Botagoz R. Kasimova, Askar Baubek A. and Aliya Kussatayeva

5. Prevalence, Antimicrobial Resistance Profiles and Molecular Characterization of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in a Metropolitan City of India download here

Divya Sasitharan, M. Masilamani Selvam and W. Manohar Paul

6. The Assessment of the Natural Radiation Dose Committed to the Population at the Shu River Valley in Southern Kazakhstan download here

I. Matveyeva, Sh. Nazarkulova, B. Satybaldiev, T. Abishev, B. Uralbekov, Y. Yarovaya and M. Burkitbayev

7. Phyto Extraction Of Lead From Lead Contaminated Soil Using Ixora coceinea and Ficus benjamina download here

Chinweuba A.J and Otuokere I.E

8. Production of Bacterial Bioplastic from Agriculture waste: Characterization, Structure and Genetic Analysis download here

Nazia Jamil and Nighat Naheed

9. Cytotoxic and antioxidant activity of Marrubium vulgare and its flavonoid constituents download here

Nawal H. Mohamed and Atta, E. M.

10. Efficient removal of As(V) from aqueous solution using glycidyl methacrylate/tetraethylenepentamine-Cu(II) resin download here

Ahmed M. Donia, Asem A. Atia and Dalia H. Mabrouk

11. Heavy Metals and Microbial Toxicity of Analysis of Soil Samples Near Iron And Still Factory (Misurata, Libya) download here

A.B. Mlitan

12. Bulking and Foaming Filamentous In Modified Bardenpho Process During Hot Season download here

Ahmet Aygun, Sezen Kucukcongar, Zehra Gok, Merve Sogancioglu, Esra Yel and Murat Kucukhemek

13. Fractionation of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) by Resin Adsorption Chromatography (RAC) download here

Sezen Kucukcongar, Mehmet Faik Sevimli and Esra Yel

14. Treatability of Cu(CN)32- In Photolytic Oxidation-Algal Reactor Combination download here

Zehra Gok and Esra Yel

15. Preparation and Characterization of Embelin Nanoparticle download here

Gnanamani Arumugam, Chitra Krishnan, Mary Babu, and Saba Maanvizhi

16. Haloacetic Acids Formation at Different pH and TOC Levels by Chlorination download here

Sezen Kucukcongar, Mehmet Faik Sevimli and Esra Yel

17. Growth and Productivity of Melilotus indicus to Air Pollution download here

Mohammad Saquib

18. CO2 Neutral and Wastewater-Harvested Microalgae Biodiesel to Replace Petroleum and Soybean Diesel download here

Ihab H Farag, Sc.D.

19. Protective effect of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and Epigallocatechin Gallate (ECCG) against cisplatin-induced acute renal failure in rats: A comparative stu download here

Sabiha Fatima, Yazeed A. Alsheikh, Noura H. and Almohaimeed

20. The Role of recombinant fusion peptide HIV-1 in induce immunological response in BALB/c mice download here

Fatemeh. Rouhollah, Ghader. Khalili, Soroush.Sardari, Aref.Amirkhani and Taher.Nejad Satari

21. Biodiesel Production and Biotechnological Applications from Microalgae Isolated from Water, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia download here

E.N. Sholkamy, A. Abdel-Megeed, Fatma Elnakieb and A. A. A. Al-Arfaj

22. Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli: An Invitro Biofilm Production and Vaccine Development download here

Divya Sasitharan, M. Masilamani Selvam and W. Manohar Paul

23. Remediation of Cr(VI) by chromium reducing bacteria in blend with different biowaste ingredients download here

Rida Batool and Shahida Hasnain

24. Hypocholesterolaemic Activity of Extracts of Biophytum Sensitivum download here

Chitra Krishnan, and Mathuram Venkatanarashiman

25. Serum gamma-glutamyltransferase activity: Inhibitory study in patient of hepatitis download here

Namama S.Talabani

26. The Effects of Transformational Leadership on Followers Creativity in Public Sector download here

Saud Alarifi and Abraham Althonayan


27. Do Different Project Categories Need Different Leadership Styles download here

Siamak Haji Yakhchali and Hamed Heydari Farsani

28. Detaching Economic Development from Economic Power: The Case of International Oil Politics download here

Oyetola Oniwide, PhD

29. Should Africa Pursue Food Security Policy Option download here

Mary Oluwatoyin Agboola

30. Measurement of Impedance Leakage of Unbalanced Ungrounded download here

Abdallah Ouazani and Idir Habi

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