PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Designing of an Embedded Software System for Patients tele-Monitoring using SMS download here

Zeinab O. ,Razan S., Elham M., Khansaa A., and Yousif Elhadi Elsideeg Ahmed

2. The Development of Deep Packet Inspection Platform and Its Applications download here

Yoonjae. Lee, Junseok. Oh, Joon Kyung. Lee, Dongwon. Kang, and Bong Gyou. Lee

3. Managing Healthcare Data for improved Patient Care using Crowdsourcing and Managed Service download here

Soo Kyung Park, Jiyeon Cho, Byung Hwa Jeon, Hye Jin Kim and Bong Gyou Lee

4. Semantic e-Learning Methods: A Review download here

S. R. Kalmegh, S. G. Chaudhari and S. N. Deshmukh.

5. Semantic Search Algorithms based on Page Rank and Ontology: A Review download here

S.G.Choudhary, S.R.Kalmegh and Dr. S. N. Deshmukh

6. A New Approach for Feature Extraction of an Image download here

Mamta.Juneja and Parvinder S. Sandhu

7. An improved LSB based Steganography with enhanced Security and Embedding/Extraction download here

An improved LSB based Steganography with enhanced Security and Embedding/Extraction

8. Effects of Upstream Rods Shape on Drag of a Square Cylinder download here

AkshoyRanjan Paul, Shrey Joshi, Aman Jindal, Shivam P Maurya, Prakhar K. Tiwari and Anuj Jain

9. Differential Evoluation technique to solve Combined Economic Emission Dispatch download here

C.N. Ravi and Dr. C. Christober Asir Rajan

10. Biosensor for Tuberculosis detection using MEMS device download here

P.Sangeetha and Dr. A.Vimala Juliet

11. Smartphone accelerometer controlled Automated wheelchair download here

Vigneshwar. Santhanam and Vignesh. Viswanathan

12. Behavioural Study of Children in Paediatric Hospitals: A Design Perspective download here

Dr Nandineni Rama Devi

13. Influence of Some Additives on The Properties of Concentrated Apricot and Peach Juices During Freeze Storage download here

A.S.Elhadad, O.M.Alwakdi, A.Abushita and F.abdulsalam

14. Effect Of Vacuum Concentration On The Properties Of Apricot And Peach Juices download here

A.S.Elhadad, O.M.Alwakdi, A.Abusheta and F.Abdulsalam

15. Houseboat- A component of Tourism Industry in Kashmir download here

Abrar M Shah and Dr. Shabana Ali

16. A Contrastive Study Of The Grammar Translation And The Direct Methods Of Teaching download here

Dr. Sayeh S Abdullah