PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Robust Tuning of the PSS Controller to Enhance Power System Stability download here

Saeid. Jalilzadeh and Mehdi. Azari

2. Wavelet Based Age Invariant Face Recognition using Gradient Orientation download here

Saeid. Fazli, and Leila. Ali Heidarloo

3. Tracking Eye State for Fatigue Detection download here

Saeid. Fazli, and Parisa. Esfehani

4. Automatic Circle Detection in Digital Images using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm download here

Saeid. Fazli, and Saeid. Fathi Ghiri

5. Optimum Design and Analysis of a Hybrid Energy System Using Chaos Optimization Algorithm download here

Vahid.Rashtchi, Ahmad.Rohani and Hossein.Kord

6. A Robust Technique for Optimal Placement of Distribution Generation download here

Vahid.Rashtchi, Mohsen.darabian and Saeid molaei

7. Optimization of Conventional Stabilizers Parameter of Two Machine Power System Linked by SSSC Using CHSA Technique download here

Saeid.Jalilzadeh and Mohsen.Bakhshi

8. Network Reconfiguration in Distribution Power System with Distributed Generators for Power Loss Minimization download here

Vahid.Rashtchi and Saeed.Pashai

9. A Novel Hierarchical Search Algorithm for Video Compression download here

Nijad Al-Najdawi

10. Changing Management in Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation download here

Javad Hosseinkhani, Hamed Taherdoost and Vahid Golchinmehrabani

11. Strong and secure Re-encryption to protect data access by revoked users in cloud download here

Loknath S, Shivamurthy S, Bhaskar S and Shantgouda S

12. Perturbation based reliability and maintaining authentication in data mining download here

Patil Dnyanesh W, Shaikh Zainoddin M Akhtar, Loknath S and Rashmi.T.N

13. An Intelligent Cloud for Optimization of Resource on Large scale optical Data Center download here

Rakesh.M.R, M Shashidharan, Pradeepkumar Shapeti and Shabeen Taj G.A.

14. Defending mechanism to secure nodes from internal attack in WSNs download here

Annapoorna Rao, Priyanka Singh, Shruthi R and Syeda S. Rubbani

15. Campus network security using honeypot download here

Roopashree Shailendra, Poojitha N, Rakshitha K S and Prajna Alva M

16. GASBE: A Graded Attribute-Based Solution for Access Control in Cloud Computing download here

Rashmi N, Radhika Govankop, Chandana V.R and Bharathi R

17. Software development using agile scrum download here

Bhavya N Javagal, Ratnakala, Rajeshwari. S. N. and Nandita M

18. Time Based Re-encryption of unreliable clouds download here

Bhavya G, Parvathy Ramachandran, Manasa.V and Srividhya V R

19. Efficient Approach For Wireless Sensor Networks to improve life time using Anycast download here

Anusha Priyadharshini, Rashmi M R, Shilpashree R L, Anitha S and Nirmala S

20. Clustering Method: Search Result based web personalization download here

Avinash A P, Muniraju M, Prashant M Narayankar and Jeevitha

21. Investigation of Support Vector Machine To Assess Cardiac Arrhythmia download here

R Ganesh Kumar and Dr. Y S Kumaraswamy

22. Dynamic Scenario Transformation in Software System Design download here

Manjula, Saleem Malik S, Deepa, Kanmani and Jayprakash M

23. Issues and Challenges in Implementing Multilayer QOS framework for WSN download here

Dr.G.Mahadevan, K.Panimozhi, Poonguzhali and Shalini C R

24. Three Message Traversal Scheme for Georouting in Wireless Sensor Network download here

Selvin Paul Peter. J, Asha, Rathod Tejas Bakulbhai, RanjitKumar V and Gunashekar S.

25. Enhancing Energy Efficiency in WSN using Energy Potential Concepts download here

Nagendra Nath Giri, Sudha H Thimmaiah, Sheetalrani R. Kawale, Ramya and Priya Esther B

26. Optimization and Simulation of a Switched-Capacitor Second-Order Delta Sigma Modulator Using Integrator Multiplexing download here

Hefzollah Mohammadian, Saeed Zakeri and Mohammad Bagher Heidari

27. A New Efficient Methods for Contour Extraction and Compression download here

Ali Abdrhman Ukasha

28. Logistics Balance of Production Line Based on the Theory of Constraints download here

Guoqing. Liu and Kaiping. Ma

29. A study on the characteristic analysis of high pressure and high temperature 3-way ball valve download here

Si-Pom Kim, Rock-Won Jeon, Jae-Hun Lee, Jae-Hoon Lee and Seong-Jun Kim

30. The Information System in Commercial Farms from Romania download here

Cosmin Popa

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