PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. An Experimental Study on Simultaneous Synthesis and Separation of Prebiotic Galacto-oligosaccharides using Semi Batch Dead-end Membrane Bioreactor download here

A. Nath, C. Bhattacharjee and R. Chowdhury

2. Production, Purification and Characterization of of Beta-galactosidase Synthesized by Bacillus safensis (JUCHE 1) download here

Arijit Nath, Shubhrajit Sarkar, Madhumita Maitra, Chiranjib Bhattacharjee and Ranjana Chowdhury

3. Study of local rarity of Phlomis crinita Cav. (Lamiaceae) in the mountains of Tessala (Western Algeria) download here

Ali Latreche and Zoheir Mehdadi

4. Design and optimization of directly compressible matrix tablets of recrystallized Metformin HCl using full factorial design download here

Adimoolam Senthil, Prasanthi Sri, Ahmad bin Mahmud and Natesan Gopal

5. Meat and Cereal Insufficiency in Diet Play a Role in Hypothyroidism download here

Ghaderi P, Ahmadi R and Araghy AM

6. The Effects of Shisheh on Thyroid Function in Male Rats download here

Amini N, Ahmadi R, Ghasemi A and Seif F

7. The Effects of Shisheh on Adrenal Gland Function in Male Rats download here

Seifi Nahvandi B, Ahmadi R, Ghasemi A and Seif F

8. Antimicrobial Activity of the Plant Pereskia bleo download here

V. V. S.S. Appalaraju, Adimoolam Senthil, Natesan Gopal, Ramana M. V and Ahmad Bin Mahmud

9. Water Quality Index of Sungai Tunggak: An Analytical Study download here

Nasly M. A., M. A. Hossain and Mir Sujaul Islam

10. Effects of temperature and salinity on the germination of Medicago arborea L. download here

Mehdadi Zoheir, Latreche Ali, Boukafha Rachida, Bouchergui Fatiha, Bekkal Fatima, Bendjafar Aboubekr

11. Climate Change Challenges Transboundary Water Resources Management: Drawing from the Case of Vietnam download here

Pham Quy Giang, Kosuke Toshiki, Shoichi Kunikane and Masahiro Sakata

12. Effectiveness of Pesticides in Controlling Major Pest and Disease of Mangoes in West Nusa Tenggara Province - Indonesia download here

Baiq Nurul Hidayah, Muji Rahayu, Mujiono, Brian Thistleton, Sohail Qureshi and Ian Baker

13. Effects of Pruning and Fertilizing on Production and Quality of Mango Cultivar Gedong Gincu in West Nusa Tenggara Province - Indonesia download here

Muji Rahayu, Baiq Nurul Hidayah, Mujiono, Brian Thistleton, Sohail Qureshi and Ian Baker

14. Molecular Modeling of Cell Adhesion Peptides on Hydroxyapatite Surfaces and Surface Steps: application in bone tissue engineering download here

S. Biswas and U. Becker

15. Design, Synthesis and Pharmacology of Some Novel Substituted 1,3,4-Thiadiazol-5-Phenyl download here

Panwar Hament

16. Environmental Impact Evaluation of Mobile Phone via Life Cycle Assessment download here

Witthawin Sangprasert and Chanathip Pharino

17. Role of Bacteria and Mold as Agent Plant Litter Composting download here

Ardhiani Kurnia Hidayanti, Nungki Amalia Puspa Kirana and Endang Sutariningsih Soetarto

18. Flow properties of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) download here

Esam A. Elhefian

19. Modeling Analysis of CO2 Solubility in Solutions of DEA, MDEA and Their Mixtures Using Kent-Eisenberg and Deshmukh-Mather models download here

Abdelbaki Benamor and Abdelwahab Aroussi

20. Sensitivity of freshwater organisms to zinc download here

M. Shuhaimi-Othman, N. Yakub and N.A. Ramle

21. The Effects of Shisheh (Metamphetamin) on Serum levels of Creatine Kinase in Rats download here

Soheilifar M, Ahmadi R, Ghasemi A and Seif F

22. Identification of Factors that Influence the Rising of Labor Cost under the Urbanization Process in China download here

Lisha. Chen, Yifan. Sun and Amran. Rasli

23. A New Solution To Increasing Rate Of Unemployment : Introduction Of Minimum Wage Laws In Malaysia download here

Kaviyarasu Elangkovan

24. The Basic Tools of Regulation Activity of Banking System and Feature of Their Application In Commercial Banks of Armenia download here

Khoren Albert Mkhitaryan

25. To measure the relationship between Reward and Recognition Programs on Employees Motivation and productivity download here

Zargham Ullah Khan

26. Influence of Haier Enterprise Culture on Core Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprises download here

Zhenyu Li, Amran Rasli and Yifan Sun

27. Health Expenditure And Health Infrastructure In Class-I Towns Of Uttar Pradesh, India download here

Ajit Kumar

28. Prediction Of Athletic Ability From Talent Identification Model On School Students download here

Dr. D.Sultana and J. Manohar Chendur Pandi

29. Sensitivity Analyses of the Design Parameters of the Economically Optimal Synthetic Chart download here

Wai Chung. Yeong, and Michael. Khoo

30. Correlation between Exposure of Environment Information and EnterprisesCompetitiveness - Empirical Analysis based on Listed Firms of Jiangsu ... download here

Jie Kang

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