PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. A Malicious Application Detection Framework using Automatic Feature Extraction Tool on Android Market download here

Dong-uk Kim, Jeongtae Kim, and Sehun Kim

2. GOP Length Effect Analysis On H.264/AVC Video Streaming Transmission Quality Over LTE Network download here

Ulil Surtia Zulpratita

3. A NFC based Authentication method for defense of the Man in the Middle Attack download here

Yun-Seok Lee, Eun Kim, and Min-Soo Jung

4. Design of USIM Secure Applet for the secure execution of APK download here

H. J. Yoo, Y. S. Lee, and M. S. Jung

5. A Study of Coupons issuance System Considering of User Convenience Based on NFC download here

A Study of Coupons issuance System Considering of User Convenience Based on NFC

6. Smart Vehicle Count System at the Toll Station download here

Shehu Abubakar Kaikai, Lai Tian Fat, and Hung Kee Lai

7. Implementation of Large Block Transfer in Network Attached Storage Via NFS download here

Latesh.KJ and Dr.Lawarance.R.

8. Analysis Of Mibench Benchmark Applications Using GCC Compiler download here

J.Andrews and Dr.T.Sasikala

9. Development of a polymer-coated SAW sensor for detection of CO2 gas download here

J. H. Choi, S. J. Kim, M. S. Jung and S. J. Kim

10. Control Method of a Parallel-Connected Ring-Type Converter to Reduce Parasitic Power Losses download here

Kei Eguchi, Shinya Terada, Ichirou Oota, and Hirofumi Sasaki

11. Vertical coherence analysis of wind and ship generated noise in shallow water off the coast of Chennai download here

Sivakumar.V.G and V.Rajendran.

12. A Novel Zero Voltage and Zero Current Switched Non-Isolated Inverter Fed from Renewable Energy Source for High Frequency Applications download here

T.Premkoumar and M.R. Rashmi

13. Experimental Study, Stiffness of Semi-Rigid Beam-to-Column Connections Using Bolts and Angles download here

Khaled M. Amtered El-Abidi and Budi Suswanto

14. Performance Improvement of the Paper-Cup Forming Machine by Barrel Cam Optimization download here

Jin-Hee. Lee, Tae-Won. Park, Wook-Hyeon, Kim and Kyung-Seok. Sim

15. Development of flexible multi-body dynamics analysis program of solar cell manipulator with position control download here

Wook Hyeon Kim, Tae Won Park and Dong Il ParkWook Hyeon Kim, Tae Won Park and Dong Il Park

16. A Study on Ride Improvement of a High Speed Train using Skyhook Control download here

K. S. Sim, T. W. Park, W. H. Kim, and J. H. Lee

17. Vehicle Steering Mechanism for Active Independent Front Steering System download here

A.K.W. Ahmed, V. Rawat, and R.B. Bhat

18. Recent Trend in Production and Manufacturing in India download here

Prof. R.G. Chouksey and Prof. Nishith Dubey

19. Practice of Administrative Investigations of the Officials Malfeasances in the Russian Empire in Early XX Century download here

Sergey Lyubichankovskiy

20. Mathematical model of time dependent of Persian gulf circulation download here

Maryam Mohammadi

21. Application of cutting-edge social media technologies in Constructionist Pedagogy download here

Dr. Charles Kivunja

22. Mapping the Trend of Regional Inequality in China from Nighttime Light Data download here

Xiaomeng Jin and Chi Chen

23. Fieldwork to Study the Platform Type of Business Model: Based on a Loose Horizontal Network of Small- and Medium-Sized Manufactures download here

Fumihiko Isada and Yuriko Isada

24. Basic Problems of Language for Communication between Civil Engineers and Construction Workers download here

Sumalee Phonkhunsap

25. English Vocabulary Enhancing of the Thai Students by Reading Star Magazines download here

Saraporn Suwannasang

26. Pricing risky bond under Cox processes and multi-dimensional Levy processes download here

Pao-Peng Hsu and Ying-Hsiu Chen

27. Conceptual System of the Code Switching between Khmer Dialect and Central Thai download here

Benjana Sensai and Rattana Chanthao

28. Conceptual Methaphor in Mahachati Literature download here

Jutamad Sangwijit and Rattana Chanthao

29. Analyzing the Spillover effect of Housing Prices download here

Kyongwook. Choi, Namwon. Hyung, Hyungchol. Jeon, and Jegook. Kim

30. Demand for Money in Sri Lanka: ARDL Approach to Co-integration download here

Champika. Dharmadasa and Makoto. Nakanishi

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