PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Discovery and Development of Autism Biomarkers: The State of the Science download here

Dost Muhammad Halepoto, Shahid Bashir and Laila Y. AL-Ayadhi

2. Effect of filler on flexural properties and Scanning Electron Microscopic Analysis of Tensile Test Fractured Surfaces of nanocomposites download here

Fatemeh Mirjalili

3. Monte Carlo Simulations of HCN Adsorption in LTA zeolites download here

Baris Demir, Ramin Ekhteiari Salmas, M. Göktu Ahunbay and Mine Yurtsever

4. Effect of Surface Treatment on Performance of Tamarind Fiber-Epoxy Composites download here

C. Uma Maheswari, K. Obi Reddy, E. Muzenda and M. Shukla

5. Chromatographic Detectors and Column Hold-up for Organics-PDMS Systems download here

Edison Muzenda

6. Suspended Solids Sedimentation Of River Water Influnced By Electrocoagulation download here

Sudatta. Mohanty, Prof. Fadil Bin Hj. Othman, and Ahmed Rozlan Nazmi

7. Implementation of MCDM Methods in Road Safety Management download here

Gholamreza Khorasani, Ali Yadollahi, Milad Rahimi, and Ashkan Tatari

8. Design Principles of Spa Areas in Accommodation Facilities download here

Burcu PehlivanoÄŸlu

9. On the Network Partitioning of Large Urban Transportation Networks download here

Hamideh Etemadnia and Khaled Abdelghany

10. Impact of Campaigns on Sustainable Transport Management in Urban Agglomerations download here

Veljko Radicevic, Dejan Andjelkovic, Marko Subotic and Bojan Maric

11. Portland Cement download here

Alireza.Baghchesaraei, Omid Reza.Baghchesaraei

12. Symbiosis of Conservation and Development: Historic City Of Kochi, Kerala, India download here

Ar. JOSNA RAPHAEL. P and Dr. Kasthurba A K

13. Color Contrast an Architecture Formation Style download here

Hafssa Al Omari and Rand A. Younis

14. The Role of Architectural Vocabulary in the Creativity of the Rhetorical Structure of Form in the Islamic Architecture download here

Dr. Hafsa Ramzi Al-Omari and Anwar Mishal Shareef

15. Structure as a Tool of Achieving Human Scale in the Islamic Architecture download here

Hafsa. Ramzi and Maysaa. Muffeq

16. Designing of surface runoff depletion systems for Industrial regions conservation download here

Masoud Nasri, Yousef Moradi, Ali Najafi and Mortaza Zamani

17. Submerged Membrane Bioreactor in the Treatment of Refinery Wastewater download here

H. Shirvani, H. Ganjidoust, M. Hemmati and R. Zarasvand Asadi

18. Effect of Deposition Time on the PbS Thin films Prepared using Microwave-Assisted Chemical Bath Deposition: Structure and Optical Characterization download here

A.S. Obaid, M. A. Mahdi, Alaa Ahmed Dihe and Z. Hassan

19. Corporate Values, Codes of Ethics, and Performance of Russian Top Banks download here

Elena Prosvirkina

20. The Consequences of the Hegemony of the Leadership Styles and Employee Job Satisfaction among University Teachers in China download here

Arodh Lal Karn, Shi Jianxin and Ghulam Mujtaba

21. Strategy of Adaptation In the Contemporary Companies On the Example of European Energy Market download here

Piotr F. Borowski

22. Towards Implementing Mobile Number Portability (Mnp)- Nigeria Experience download here

Kola, Oyeniran and Olabode Samuel, Akinsola

23. Great East Japan Earthquake and Long Term Interest Rates download here

Takayasu Ito

24. Universal Literacy: A Dream or a Reality download here

Lingaraju M

25. Accounting Aspects of Hedging Currency Risks download here

Carmen Bonaci, Crina Filip, Jiří Strouhal and Alina Matis

26. Assessment of Land Resources for Agricultural Production in Latvia download here

Irina Pilvere

27. English as a Global Lingua Franca download here

Dr. Sayeh S Abdullah and Prof. Mohammad Latif Chaudhary

28. Urban Entrepreneurship download here

Mohammad Yari Naserieh¸ Abbas Ferdosi and Rohullah Tavakolizadeh

29. The Changes of Language Policies in Hong Kong Education in the Post-Colonial Era download here

Dennis Fung and Maggie Ma

30. Impact of Companies internal variables on Stock prices: A case study of major industries of Pakistan download here

Syed Atif Ali and Amir Razi

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