PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Radar Modulation Identification Using Ginis Coefficient download here

K.-J. You, J.-M. Won, O.-S. Shin, Y.-J. Han, H.-N. Kim, K.-H. Song, B.-K. Park, and H.-C. Shin

2. Modified Variability-Index CFAR Detection Robust to Heterogeneous Environment download here

Jong-Woo Shin, Young-Kwang Seo, Dae-Won Do, Sang-Moon Choi, and Hyoung-Nam Kim

3. Discrimination of Hand and Elbow Movements Using Entropy of ECoG download here

K.-H. Kim, K.-M. Cha, C.-K. Chung, and H.-C. Shin

4. Odorant Identification using FNIRS of Main Olfactory Bulb in Rats download here

I.-W. Jung, K.-J. You, J.-W. Shin, C.-S. Koh, H.-C. Shin, H.-C. SHIN

5. Landslide Hazard Mapping of Penang Island Using Decision Tree Model download here

Po Ken. Pang, Lea Tien. Tay and Habibah. Lateh

6. Study of Improving Classification Accuracy between Groups of Depressive and Remitted Persons based on Filtered Speech Signal using FIR download here

Patiyuth Pramkeaw and Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk

7. Comparative Study of Pairwise Classifications by ML and NN on Unvoiced Segments in Speech Sample download here

Suphakthinee Thongdee, Siwat Suksri and Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk

8. A Design of Thai-English Transliterated Word Retrieval for Smart Phones download here

Chalermsub Sangkavichitr

9. The Creation of Media Animation in Promoting Water Conservation download here

Panlert Kheerinpharadorn, Kongyot Loungon and Chuudanut

10. A Lane Detection for the Driving System Based on the Histogram Shapes download here

Thitapa Poomvichid and Mahasak Ketcham

11. Analyzing Spectrum Management Policy for Utilizing TV White Space download here

Eunsuk Jun, Keon Chul Park, and Bong Gyou Lee

12. Personalized Cervix Ultrasound Scan Based On Robotic Arm download here

C.Pahl and E. Supriyanto

13. Performance of MIMO bit division with Polarized MIMO DVB-T2 download here

In-Woong Kang, Ki-Hwan Suh, Heung Mook Kim, Jae Hyun Suh, Youngmin Kim, Suk Chan Kim, and Hyoung-Nam Kim

14. Research and Thinking of Smart Home Technology download here

Meensika Sripan, Xuanxia Lin, Ponchan Petchlorlean and Mahasak Ketcham

15. Pristine Settlements of Toda at Nilgiris, South India: Design Guidelines download here

Kala Choyimanikandiyil

16. A Critique On The Evolution of Landscape architecture & Creation of Landscape Evolution Model download here

R. V. Nagarajan

17. Development issues of dynamic seat cushion, actuated by pneumatic muscles, used to prevent bedsores download here

Andreea IANCU

18. Laboratory investigation on the compaction properties of lime and fly ash composite download here

Saeid. Amiralian, Amin. Chegenizadeh, and Hamid. Nikraz

19. Laboratory investigation on the effect of Fly ash on the compressibility of soil download here

Saeid. Amiralian, Amin. Chegenizadeh, and Hamid. Nikraz

20. Laboratory Investigation on the Effect of Lime on Compressibility of Soil download here

Saeid. Amiralian, Amin. Chegenizadeh, and Hamid. Nikraz

21. Preliminary Investigation of the GCLs Boiling toward An Upward Water Flow download here

Mochamad Arief Budihardjo, Amin Chegenizadeh and Hamid Nikraz

22. Geosynthetic Clay Liner as Landfills Leachate Barrier download here

Mochamad Arief Budihardjo, Amin Chegenizadeh and Hamid Nikraz

23. Study on the GCLs Response to Hydraulic Uplift download here

Mochamad Arief Budihardjo, Amin Chegenizadeh and Hamid Nikraz

24. Simulation of Axially Cracked Thin Tubes under Gaseous Detonation Loading using Extended Finite Element Method download here

Seyyed Jafar. Rouzegar

25. Numerical Investigation on the effect of char reactivity factors and wall temperature on burning characteristic of pulverized fuel fired combustor download here

Thanaphat Phakdeeworrawong and Jaruwat Charoensuk

26. Biomimics of Rhodopsin Proteins for Harvesting Sunlight and Storing Energy download here

Zahid S. Mahimwalla, Yoshihiko Nagai, Peter Grütter, and Christopher J. Barrett

27. Effect of CeO2 on the friction and sliding wear performance of Ni/WC coatings download here

Surajit Purkayastha and D.K.Dwivedi

28. New Reactor Body Development and Functional Optimization of the Station in Order to Obtain Reactive Mixtures download here

Andreea Kufner

29. Orthopaedic Implants and Prostheses. Conventional and Unconventional Processing Technologies download here

Simona MIHAI

30. Numerical Simulation Of Flow Field And Pollutant Dispersion In A Long Highway Tunnel With Semi-Transverse Ventilation download here

B.K. Gandhi, Jitendra Kumar and K.M. Singh

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