PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Utilization of Recycled Rayon Waste-Kapok Mixture (RRWK) as a Sorbent for Oil Removal download here

Chaowalit Senanurakwarkul, Panadda Kongsricharoen, Darathip Pejprom, Sutha Khaodhiar and Supawan Tantayanon

2. Effect of Kapok Fibers/Recycled Rayon Wastes on Motor Oil Sorption Capacity download here

Panadda Kongsricharoen, Darathip Pejprom, Chaowalit Senanurakwarkul, and Sutha Khaodhiar

3. Optimum Configuration of a Double Jet Mixer Using DOE download here

Manjula. P, Kalaichevi. P, Annadurai. G and Dheenathayalan. K

4. Climate Change Impact On Crop Productivity Using Miami Model For Bardoli Area, Gujarat download here

Dr. Vivek Manekar and Nitin Bharadiya

5. Real Time Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) and Stack Emission Data Transmission through Y- Cable Mode Over GPRS Link download here

Siba .P.Panda, Jay Rath, A.K.Swar and Ranjita Panda

6. An Experimental Study Has Been Carried Out to Evaluate the Behavior of Concrete Elements Using Basalt Chopped Strands Fiber download here

R.singaravadivelan, P.chinnadurai, G.karthikeyan, Dr. K.L.Muthuramu and Dr. N.V.Ramamoorthy

7. Health & Safety: Battery Leakage Leads to Fire download here

R.V. Suryawanshi

8. Elucidation and Simulation of Transporting Processes of Heavy Metals across the Model Phospholipid Membranes download here

Tomáš Navrátil, Martina Parisová, Ivana Šestáková, Jiří Barek, Jana Jaklová Dytrtová, and Vladimír Mareček

9. Determination of dithiocarbamate fungicide using copper solid amalgam electrode download here

Kateřina Nováková, Tomáš Navrátil, Jana Jaklová Dytrtová, and Jaromíra Chýlková

10. Preparation of Hydroxyapatite from Bovine Bone by Combination Methods of Ultrasonic and Spray Drying download here

Eny. Kusrini, Aida. Rachmania P., Sotya. Astutiningsih and Sri. Harjanto

11. Effect of industrial effluent on content of nutrient and heavy metals in plant and soil download here

Vipin Kumar and Nidhi Nagar

12. Oxic and Anaerobic Biodegradation of Kitchen Waste and Composted Seeding with Batch Jar Test download here

Sheng-Shung Cheng and Nguyen Van Than

13. Study of Homogeneous Acid Catalysis for The Hydration of α-Pinene download here

Nanik Wijayati, Harno Dwi Pranowo, Jumina and Triyono

14. Micromilling Manufacturing for Polymeric Biochips download here

Pin-Chuan Chen

15. Actinomycetes From Marine Sediment: Screening For Cytotoxicity, Identification and Analysis Of Bioactive Constituents By Gas Chromatography - Mass Spe download here

S. SudhaSrikesavan and M. Masilamani Selvam

16. Bioprospecting of Potent Fungal Strains from Marine Sponge Hyatella Cribriformis from Gulf of Mannar Coast download here

J. Meenupriya and Thangaraj

17. Trichoderma asperellum, Identified as a Novel Fungal Biocontrol Agent for the Control of Plant Pathogen download here

Thilagavathi Rasu, Nakkeeran Sevugapperumal, Raguchander Thiruvengadam and Samiyappan Ramasamy

18. Effects of Shisheh (Methamphetamine) on Serum Level of Testosterone in Rats download here

Ali-Akbarzadeh Aghdam F, Ahmadi R, Sattari Sh and Tvakoli P

19. Morphological Changes Due to Spent Engine Oil Contamination And Its Heavy Metal Components of Jatropha curcas Linn. Seedlings download here

Agbogidi, O. M. and Eruotor, P.G.

20. Impact of Gasoline Vapor Inhalation on Anxiety in Male Rats download here

Javadi M, Ahmadi R and Mehdi-Araghi A

21. The Effects of Methmethamphetamine on Hematocrit and Hemoglobin in Rat download here

Alaee Z, Ahmadi R and Sattari Sh

22. Study on the Application of Visualized Brand Identity in Bag Design download here


23. Causes of three historical notes directory style of the Ming Dynasty download here

Chen Gang

24. An Insight into Productivity Trends Of Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises of Punjab in India download here

Dr. Ravi Kiran and Dr. Vijay Jain

25. Country of Brand Importance and Its Effects on Quality Perception: Study Automobile Industry in Thailand download here

Sanpet Panusbordee

26. A Tentative Study on Lexical Characteristics of China English download here


27. Stochastic-MPI for Measuring Total Factor Productivity Index: With an Illustration of Malaysian Commercial banks download here

Deng, Q. and Wong, W.P

28. Medical Tourism Competition and Comparative Advantages: The Case Of India download here


29. The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment on Corporate Governance Practices: A Conceptual Framework download here

Abdullah N. Alsubaie

30. Productivity and Competitiveness in Agri-Biotech Sector of Punjab: SWOT Analysis download here

Sandeep Singh and Dr. Ravi Kiran

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