PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Bio-Remediation of Contaminated Soils with Petroleum Hydrocarbons and their Suitable Environmental and Biological Conditions download here

Mohamed Ali Elssaidi and Amnah Khiar Alshebani

2. Evaluation of Using Nanomaterial in Tissue Culture Media and Biological activity download here

Kamran Safavi

3. Comparative Estimation of Total Protein Content and Enzymatic Activities of Hydatid Cyst of Ecchinococcus granulosus Isolated from Sheep and Goats in download here

Wijdan M.S. Mero and Arshad Mohammad Abdullah

4. Measurements of Alpha Emission Rates in Bones Using CR-39 Track Detector download here

B. A. Almayahi, A. A. Tajuddin and M. S. Jaafar

5. Environmentally Sound Agro-practice, Biodiversity and Indicator Species in Rice Paddies download here

Takatoshi Ueno

6. What are the Underlying Constructs in Face of the Drought in Southern Iran download here

Shahab Alddin. Shokri and S. Mahmoud. Hosseini

7. Effects of Bayluscide on Different Sizes of Biomphalaria Glbrata (the Intermediate Host of Schistosoma Mansoni) download here

Abdulkadir Abugrara Ali

8. Environmental Assessment of Biodiesel Production from Palm Oil in Indonesia download here

Delfi F. Soraya, Shabbir H. Gheewala, and Sri Haryati

9. Determination of Heavy Metal in Pelagic Fish, Demersal Fish and Shellfish download here

Noor Zuhartini. Md Muslim, and Hafizah. Saim

10. Molecular Characterization of E.granulosus, First Report of Sheep Strain in Kurdistan-Iraq download here

Abdullah A. Hama, Wijda M.S. Mero and Jaladet M.S. Jubrael

11. The Epidemiology of Hydatidosis in Different Slaughtered Animals in Duhok abattoir, Kurdistan Region of Iraq download here

Azad A. Meerkhan and Arshad M. Abdullah

12. Brush Mattress-a Soil Bioengineering Method for Ecological Riverbank Construction download here

Gu Lan, Gao Jiarong, Guo Kaili, Kang Ye, Zhu Xiaobo and Wang Bing

13. Diversity and Ecological Succession Around Gaber-Oun Hypersaline Lake Ecosystem-Libya download here

Diversity and Ecological Succession Around Gaber‐Oun Hypersaline Lake Ecosystem – Libya

14. Testing on Weak Form Market Efficiency: The Evidence from Indonesia Stock Market Year 2008-2011 download here

Mirah Putu Nikita and Subiakto Soekarno

15. Capital Structure Determinants of Indonesian Plantation Firms: Empirical Study on Indonesian Stock Exchange download here

Katherin Yolanda and Subiakto Soekarno

16. Influence of Facility and Service Quality on Faculty of Pharmacy Student Satisfaction download here

Ratria P. Budiendra, and Harimukti Wandebori, S.T, MBA

17. Validating the Instrument for Measuring Brand Equity in Indonesian Fuel Retail Brands download here

Arif Nugraha Ruswidyo and Herry Hudrasyah

18. Analyzing the Factors That Affecting Consumers Purchase Decision in ToiMoi Store, Indonesia download here

Ayu. Karbala and Harimukti. Wandebori, S.T, MBA

19. Store Design and Store Atmosphere Effect on Customer Sales per Visit download here

Aghnia Banat and Harimukti Wandebori, S.T, MBA

20. Investing Strategies in Precious Metals download here

Dicky Gunawan and Harrimukti Wandebori, ST, MBA, Ph.D.

21. Effective Global Leaders download here

Mirali Seyed Nagavi and Morteza Rafie Jahandideh

22. Business Cycle and Sectoral Performance: A Study on Indonesian Capital Market from Period of 2002-2011 download here

Daymas Ryan Dipo and Subiakto Soekarno

23. Complete Secularization as the Ideal Relationship of State and Christian Protestantism download here

Jeong Hyun, Hwang and Ohn‐Hee, Chun

24. Corporate Governance and Agency Cost: Case in Indonesia download here

Putu Sugiartha Sanjaya and Indah Christianti

25. An Application of PSO Algorithm and Decision Tree for Medical Problem download here

Meng‐Chang Tsai, Kun‐Huang Chen, Chao‐Ton Su, and Hung‐Chun Lin

26. Development of a Security System-Based Technique for Enforcing Security Violations download here

Khalid Aldrawiesh

27. Hardware Implementation of StrongARM Processor Interface Using Verilog and FPGA download here

Toufiq.Rahman, Rifat. Zaman, Syeda. Nowreen and Iqbalur. Rahman