PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Defoliation effects on yield components and grain quality of three corn cultivars download here

Sasan Siahkouhian, Mohammad Reza Shakiba, Saeed Zehtab Salmasi, Kazem Ghassemi Golezani and Mahmood Toorchi

2. Determination of Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin of Flour and wheat in Northern Iran download here

Mehran Mahmoudi, Peyman Aryaee, Masoud Ghanbari, Hossein
Ansari and Hassan nourafcan

3. Biomonitoring of Metallic Trace Element in South Brittany Coastal (France) Using Oyster (C. Gigas): A Local Food Source download here

M.C. Ong, M.S. Noor Azhar, D. Menier, A.W. Mohd Effendy and V.

4. Increasing Productivity of Rice-Rice Cropping System Adopting Short Duration Rice and Mustard and Relay Cropping download here

M. Harunur Rashid, M. Khairul Islam Rony and Shama Nasrin

5. Options for Coastal Farmers of Bangladesh Adapting To Impacts of Climate Change download here

S. A. Sattar and M. Z. Abedin

6. Rheological behavior of grape juice of Malayer, Hamedan and Ardabil download here

Peyman Aryaee, Hamid Tavakolipour and Mehran Mahmoudi

7. Inhibitory Effect of Persimmon on Mast Cell-Mediated Allergic Inflammation download here

Sang‐Hyun Kim

8. Farmers Participatory Site Specific Nutrient Management in Ganges Tidal Floodplain Soil for High Yielding Boro Rice download here

D. Nath, F. Haque, M. Sh. Islam, and M. A. Saleque

9. An Analysis Technique for Vibration Reduction of Motor Pump download here

Young Kuen Cho, Seong Guk Kim, Dae Won Lee, Paul Han and Han
Sung Kim

10. Developing Red Dates to Promote Xinjiang Agricultural Innovation download here

Xin Jin

11. Assessment of Ground Water Quality Using Geographic information system in Parsian Plain download here

K.Ordookhani, B.Amiri and A.Saravani

12. Factors Influencing In Vitro Tuberization of Chlorophytum Borivilianum in Solid Culture download here

Mehdi Farshad Ashraf, Maheran Abd Aziz and Mihdzar Abdul Kadir

13. Correlation between Baseline Bone Quantity (BV/TV) and Magnitude of Trabecular Bone Loss after Sciatic Nerve Injury: Tibia download here

Young Jin Jung, Chang‐Yong Ko, Paul Han, Dong Hyun Seo and Han
Sung Kim

14. Effect of Plant Population on Soybean Development and Production download here

Keyvan Shamsi and Soheil Kobraee

15. Organic acid profiles and contents of Turkish honeydew and floral honeys download here

Mohammed Ishaq Haroun, Nevzat Konar, Ender S. Poyrazoglu, Iraz
Hospolat and Nevzat Artık

16. Sugars Profiles and Contents of Turkish Honeydew and Floral Honeys download here

Ender S. Poyrazoglu, Mohammed Ishaq Haroun, Nevzat Konar, Iraz
Hospolat and Nevzat Artık

17. Effects of Foliar Application of Fe and Zn on Seed Yield and Mucilage Content of Psyllium at Different Stages of Maturity download here

Saeid Zehtab‐Salmasi,Saeideh Behrouznajhad and Kazem Ghassemi‐ Golezani

18. Study the Effect of Additives on the Differential Pipe Sticking Caused by Water Based Drilling Fluid download here

Vikas Mahto, P. K. Chaudhary and V.P. Sharma

19. Approaches and Techniques in Manpower Planning download here

Dharamvirsinh Parmar and Dr. Prashant Makwana

20. Minimize the Waiting Time of Customer and Gain more Profit in Restaurant using Queuing Model download here

Jayeshkumar J. Patel, Rajeshkumar M. Chaudhary, Pragnesh A. Patel
and Dr. Prashant Makwana

21. Analysis Of The Sales Checkout Operation in Big Bazar Using Queuing Simulation download here

Jayeshkumar J. Patel, Rajeshkumar M. Chaudhary, Dr. Prashant

22. Practices of Knowledge Management Strategy Used by Banking Industry of Nepal download here

Manoj K. Chaudhary

23. Legal Status of Foreigners in Roman Law and Kazakh Customary Law download here

Ibraeva Alua, Yessetova Saltanat, Umerbaeva Roza

24. About the Legal Regulation of Migration Processes in the CIS countries download here

Ibraeva Alua, Yessetova Saltanat, Lapteva Nadezhda, Umerbaeva Roza

25. The Problems of Combating Illegal Migration: Experience of Kazakhstan download here

Ibraeva Alua, Yessetova Saltanat, Dusebalieva Soledad

26. Earnings Management and Corporate Restructuring: Evidence from Label Removed ST Companies in China download here

Xiaozhou. Wang and Lingyan. Zuo

27. Marketing of Financial Services by Islamic Banking Institutions in Iran download here

Dr. Hamed Haghtalab and Vahideh Hoseini Nodeh

28. Going Green: Integrating Customer Requirements into Green Product Designs download here

Chi‐Shun Liao, Hui‐Kai Chuang and Ching‐Tzu Gao

29. The Relationship between Goal Orientation and Academic Achievement- The Mediation Role of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies-A Path Analysis download here

Majid Barzegar

30. A Comparative Assessment of Emerging Economies based on their Monetary and Financial Stability download here

Shivani. Anand

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