PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Silver Nanoparticles Adsorbent For Separation and Pre-Concentration Of Iron From Water Samples download here

Mostafa Khajeh

2. Application of Response Surface Methodology in the Separation of Mn from Biological Samples Using Nanoparticles download here

Aireza Samzadeh Kermani and Mostafa Khajeh

3. Co-pyrolysis of Biomass and Cattle Manure to Produce Upgraded Bio-oil download here

Nut Chueluecha and Apinya Duangchan

4. Pesticide Distribution in Pesticide Packaging Waste Chain of Thailand download here

Vanvimol Patarasiriwong, Panomporn Wongpan, Roongnapa Korpraditskul, Thanyaporn Kerdnoi, Aran Gnampongsai and Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai

5. Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Abadan Refinerys Sandblasting Unit Using FMEA Method download here

Nader Nabhani, Fereshteh Jaderi and Elham Saidi

6. Application of Fusion Method to Predict Some Properties of a Food Product download here

Masoud. Shafafi. Zenoozian

7. Investigation on the Combustion of Hydrocarbon Fuel Enriched by Hydrogen for a Cleaner Environment download here

Nader Nabhani and Vahid Sharifi

8. Degradation of Catechol by Immobilized Hydroxyquinol 1,2-Dioxygenase (1,2-HQD) onto Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes download here

Yanasinee Suma, Dooil Kim, Jae Woo Lee, Ki Young Park, and Han S. Kim

9. Enhancement of Electron Transfer by Electrochemical Treatment of Electrode in the Microbial Fuel Cell download here

Numfon Eaktasang, Dooil Kim, Jae Woo Lee, Ki Young Park, and Han S. Kim

10. Biological Denitrification of Wastewater-A Mini Review on Carbon Source download here

Srinu Naik. S and Y. Pydi Setty

11. Influence of Calcium Chloride and Sodium Silicate on Index and Engineering Properties of Bentonite download here

M. Heeralal, G.V. Praveen, V. Ramana Murty and S. Shankar

12. Russian Production of Extraction Technetium-99m Generators in Nuclear Medicine download here

E.A. Nesterov, V.S. Skuridin, E.S. Stasyuk, N.V. Varlamova, V.L. Sadkin, A.S. Rogov, E.V. Chibisov

13. Moderating Role of Web Digital in Customer Solution download here

Jaeun Choi, Chunmi Jeon and Sehun Kim

14. Neoliberal Pandemic or Vitamins for Health download here

Yaroslava Robles‐Bykbaev and Arturo Quizhpe‐Peralta

15. BioDVD Platform for Bio-recognition download here

Subash C. B. Gopinath, Emi Suenaga, Osamu Nagumo, Penmetcha K. R. Kumar and Junji Tominaga

16. Effect of Asparagus racemosus extract on production of matrix metalloproteinase1 (MMP1) and type I procollagen in Ultraviolet-A (UVA) irradiated Fi download here

Tammanoon. Rungsang, Neti. Waranuch, Kornkanok. Ingkaninan, Jarupa. Viyoch

17. Effect of Taurine on Blood Pressure and Magnesium in Rat download here

Mun‐Young Lee, Sei‐Jin Lee, Jin‐Shang Kim, Hyung‐Sub Kang and Shang‐Jin Kim

18. Diffuse Reflectance Simulation in Tissue for High-Intensity Laser Therapy download here

Jong‐In Youn and Sangkwan Lee

19. Effects of Hesperethusa Crenulata�s Bark Extract on Production of Pro-Collagen Type I and Inhibition of MMP-1 in Fibroblasts Irradiated UVB download here

Paveena Amornnopparattanakul, Nantaka Khorana and Jarupa Viyoch

20. Omega-wire Stabilization System for the Spine download here

Yeon Soo Lee and Geun Soo Song

21. Relation of Sodium and Magnesium Efflux in Heart download here

Mun‐Young Lee, Sei‐Jin Lee, Jin‐Shang Kim, Hyung‐Sub Kang and Shang‐Jin Kim

22. Relation of Heart Rate and Mg Efflux by Fluoxetine in Rat download here

Mun‐Young Lee, Sei‐Jin Lee, Jin‐Shang Kim, Shang‐Jin Kim and Hyung‐Sub Kang

23. Effect of Taurine on Lipopolysaccharide -induced Apoptosis in Pneumocytes download here

Mun‐Young Lee, Sei‐Jin Lee, Jin‐Shang Kim, Shang‐Jin Kim and Hyung‐Sub Kang

24. Reception and Research of Medical and Biologic Properties Labeled Technetium&-99m Norfloxacin of the Hydrochloride and Ciprofloxacin of the Hydrochlor download here

N.V. Varlamova, E. A. Nesterov, A.S. Rogov, V.L. Sadkin, E.S. Stasyuk, S.I. Sazonova and V.A. Kazakov

25. Optimized Biomass Production of Probiotic Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Taguchi Methodology download here

B. Bhima, M. Sudhakara Reddy and L. Venkateswar Rao

26. FCM Approach for prediction of Faults in Open Source Software Systems download here

Atul Bisht and Amanpreet Singh Brar

27. Predicting Performance of Ferromagnetic Cored Transformers using Computational Intelligence Method download here

Mohsen Hayati and Abbas Rezaei

28. A Neural Network Method for Managing an Integrated Water Resource download here

Farayi Musharavati

29. Speech Recognition using MFCC download here

Chadawan Ittichaichareon, Siwat Suksri and Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk

30. Improving MFCC&-based Speech Classification with FIR Filter download here

Chadawan Ittichaichareon, Patiyuth Pramkeaw and Thaweesak

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