PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Data Preprocessing in Web Usage Mining download here

V.A. Losarwar and Dr. Madhuri Joshi

2. Power&-aware Assignment of Real-Time Parallelizable Tasks to Overabundant Processing Cores download here

Hyung Goo Paek, Jeong Mo Yeo, and Wan Yeon Lee

3. A Frame of Oriented-agent Pattern Recognition download here

Cheng Xian‐Yi and Pan Jian‐Sheng

4. Identification of Ligand Binding Pockets for Unbound State Proteins Using Local Residue Preference download here

Junfeng Gu, Zhijun Qiu, and Xicheng Wang

5. A Context Aware System for Mobile Cloud Computing download here

Selvin Paul Peter, J Sathiyan Palani, Arpitha. S, Bhuvaneshwari. B.S and Tejesh Kumar

6. A Critical Review of Recommender Systems in Web Usage Mining Based on User Ratings download here

Sneha. Y.S, Dr. G.Mahadevan and S. Muthulakshmi

7. Ambiguous Free transmission Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks for Dynamic Queries download here

8. Evaluation of Security and Performance of Dependable Data Storage in Cloud Computing download here

Sowmya Naik, Vrushali W. Basatwar, Aisha Begam and Mushtaq Ahmed D M

9. Wireless Sensor Networks for Energy Efficient MAC to Provide Delay Guarantee download here

Shravan Kumar Bolineni, Nirmala S, Raghavendra B J and OmPrakash B

10. An Intrusion Detection Model Based on Immunity for Wireless Sensor Network Dynamically download here

Hamsha K, Nagendra Giri, Abdul Rehman Afrad and Aslam

11. Detecting Black Hole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks using Mobile Agent download here

Sheela.D, Srividhya.V.R, Asma Begam, Anjali and Chidanand G.M.

12. Efficient and Enhanced Data Mining Approach for Recommender System download here

Neha Verma, Aditya Verma, Rishma and Madhuri

13. Power Saving Device download here

Narayan Swamy R, Dr.G.Mahadevan, T.N.Sreenivasa and Ishfaq Yaseen

14. A Protective System for Back-End Server Security Using IP Secure RANA Algorithm download here

Kuldeep Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Nikhil Khandelwal and Neha

15. Overloading Failures in Robot Manipulators download here

Damanbir Singh Virk and V. K. Banga

16. Routing layer Node Misbehavior Detection in Mobile Ad hoc Networks using Nack Scheme download here

Usha.Sakthivel and Radha.S

17. Performance of Thirty bus system with and without STATCOM download here

S.D.Sundarsingh Jebaseelan and Dr. R. Raja Prabu

18. Comparative Analysis of HEMT LNA Performance Based On Microstrip Based Design Methodology download here

V.J.K.Kishor Sonti and V.Kannan

19. Design and Simulation of Edge-coupled Stripline Band Pass Filter for Ka Band Application download here

Hnin Yu Wai, Zaw Min Naing, Kyaw Soe Lwin and Hla Myo Tun

20. Percentage Purity of Rice Samples by Image Processing download here

Jagdeep Singh Aulakh and V. K. Banga

21. Survey on Prevention of Black Hole Nodes in Mobile Adhoc Networks download here

Puja Vij, V. K. Banga and Tanu Preet Singh

22. Image Security using Encryption based Algorithm download here

Ratinder Kaur and V. K. Banga

23. Machinability Studies of Turning Al/SiC/B4C Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites using ANOVA Analysis download here

Vibu Nanthan.M, Vidhusan.C, and Vignesh.S

24. Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Micro Cavity - Micro Channel Angle on the Reciprocating Motion of Mercury in a Micro Cavity download here

Shahab Haghayegh, Saeed Kazemi Abnavi, Mohsen Karmozdi, Mohammad Behshad Shafii and Azade Amini Nodoushan

25. Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Stimulating Frequency on the Reciprocating Motion of Mercury in a Micro Cavity download here

Saeed Kazemi Abnavi, Shahab Haghayegh, Mohsen Karmozdi, Mohammad Behshad Shafii and Alinaghi Salari

26. Investigation on Surface Quality in Machining of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite (Al-SiC B4C) download here

Vignesh. S and Sanjeev. C

27. Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Silver Interlayer in Particle Fracture of Dissimilar Friction Welds download here

Kannan.P, K. Balamurgan and K. Thirunavukkarasu

28. PCD Cutting Insert Behavior on Turning (Al-SiC15p) MMC download here

S.Santha Kumar, V.Thenappan and G.Srinath

29. Investigation into the Choice of Substrate for the Clamping of Thick-Film PZT Films to Improve the Effective Value of Piezoelectric Charge Coefficient download here

Tushar Vijay Chitrakar, Ajey Venkataraman and C.R.L.Murthy

30. Effect of Flux on In-Situ Melting Shell Investment Casting of AZ91D Magnesium Alloy download here

Hassan. Jafari, Mohd Hasbullah. Idris, Ali. Ourdjini and Mohammed Rafiq. Abdul Kadir

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