PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Production and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibody against Hinge IgG4 Recombinant Protein download here

Daruliza Kernain, Rahmah Noordin and Ming Thong Ong

2. Pattern of Antidepressant Utilization at a Tertiary Hospital in Malaysia (2009-2011) download here

Amuthaganesh Mathialagan, Suhasinee Subramaniam and Saravanabavan Mathialagan

3. A Study of Cis-Platin Effects as Anticancer Drug download here

Fatemeh Farrokhi, Mehdi Ardjmand and S.A.Alavi

4. Thermal Characteristics of Artocapus altilis Male Inflorescence as Mosquito Repellent Vaporizing Mat download here

Titin. Yulia Riska, Nadhifa. Maulida, Muhammad. Khamim Asy Ari, Wilujeng. Fitri Alfiah, Aisyiah. Nur Isaneni and Doty. Risanti

5. Phenotypic and genotypic traits relationship in Iranian Ophiognomonia leptostyla populations using stepwise multiple regression download here

Soleiman Jamshidi

6. Waste Utilization from Thermal Power Plant in Making High Performance Concrete download here

Darshak Raijiwala, Hemant Patil, Imran Kundan

7. Espousal of Flyash+Clay as Innovative Backfill Material for Construction of Reinforced Bridge Embankment download here

Jigisha M. Vashi, Atul K. Desai and Chandresh H. Solanki

8. Influence of Carbon Source and Culture Condition on Arachidonic Acid Production by Candida Krusei in Submerged Culture download here

Noraziah, A.Y., and Nurul Izyani, A.M.

9. Unstructured Kinetic Modeling for Substrate Consumption and Effect of Initial Sucrose Concentration for Fructosyltransferase Production by P.simplicis download here

Siti Hatijah Mortan, Nurul Sa'aadah Sulaiman and Mashitah Mat Don

10. Cation Exchanged Capacity (CEC) of Soil in Brunei Darussalam download here

Ibrahim Abdul Rahman and Ak Zuhairi Safwan Pg Hj Zulkiffli

11. Turmeric Extract Inducing Growth Biomarker in Sand Goby (Oxyeleotris marmoratus) download here

Jiraporn Rojtinnakorn, Supalak Rittiplang, Sudaporn Tongsiri and Prachaup Chaibu

12. Efficacy of Mangosteen Extract against Achlya zoospore (Saprolegniasis Fungi) download here

Aporn Panase, Piyanuch Niamsup, Nalin Wongkattiya , Thitiporn Laoprasert and Jiraporn Rojtinnakorn

13. Strength Development of Concrete with Industrial Wastes Subjected to Elevated Temperature download here

Desai Satish N, Patel Sandipkumar P and Patil Hemant S

14. Enhancing Hyper-Hypothermia Integration Therapy (HIT) Antitumor Effect with Toll&-Like Receptor 7 Agonist download here

Tak‐Wah Wong, Ting‐Ting Chen, Yu‐Ling Chen, Chia‐Hsuan Chou1, Hui‐Chun Lin, Yi‐Ching Shen, En‐Chi Wu, and Tzu‐Ling Huang

15. Effect of Thiobacillus thioparus Bacteria in Spent Sulfidic Caustic Regeneration download here

Sayed Reza Hashemi, Amir Heidarinasab and Ali Samadiafshar

16. Platinum Extraction from Spent Catalysts by TOPO in Presence of Alkaline Metal Salts download here

Platinum Extraction from Spent Catalysts by TOPO in Presence of Alkaline Metal Salts

17. Tertiary Treatment of Bulk Drug Effluent containing Bio-Refractory Cod by Electrochemical Oxidation Using Boron Doped Diamond (BDD) Electrode download here

Ishan P. Shah and Anjali K. Khambete

18. Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Artemisia Siberia Powder and Extract on Intestinal Morphology in Broiler Chicks download here

Sayed Ali Tabeidian, Fatemeh Behnamnejad, Majid Toghyani, Rahman Jahanian and Safdar Dorri

19. Phytotechnology : A Strategic Approach to the Sustainable Community Based Wastewater Management download here

Rahmadyanti Erina

20. Male Medical Students Have Lower Second-To-Fourth Digit Length Ratio than Non-Medical Students But Not the Females download here

Cheng‐Chen Hsu, Mei‐Chich Hsu, Nai‐Wei Kan, Ching‐Chyuan Chang, Cheng‐Chi Lee, Yong‐Hua Lin, Yung‐Cheng Chang and Sheng‐Chun Huang

21. Using Freelancers and In-House Employees in Computer Programming: A Transaction Cost Perspective download here

Thanh Binh. Phung

22. Salinity Stress Induces Transcriptional Changes in Salt-Responsive Genes in Leaves and Roots of Rice Seedlings download here

Wichuda Jankangram and Piyada Theerakulpisut

23. Effects of Economic Freedom and Income on CO2 download here

Shu‐Chen Chang and Hui‐Ching Wang

24. Earthquake Disaster Management: Indian Perspective download here

Prof. A. J. Shah

25. Optimal Pricing Strategies for a Cellphone Provider to Enter Saturated Markets download here

Richard Lackes and Chris Börgermann

26. The Market Positioning of Tourism Industry in Taiwan-An Application of Resourced‐Based Theory download here

Chia‐Ju Lee, Yueh‐Hsiu Lin

27. Retention and Intentions of Professional Accountants download here

Linda. Twiname, Helen. Samujh and Nils. Van Lamoen

28. Community Pharmacies Serving the Health Care Industry download here

Helen. Samujh, Linda. Twiname, and Andrew. Muller

29. The Adoption of Innovative Technologies from the Perspective of Elderly Consumers download here

Min‐Jon Kuo

30. The Role of Malaysia in Bali Bombing 2002: Myth or Reality download here

Mohd Mizan Aslam

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