PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. DTC in Contrast to FOC on Power train of Hybrid Electrical Vehicle download here

Javad. Khodabakhsh

2. Effect of Surface Treatment of Nanostructured-TiO2 on the Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Iron Pthalocyanine download here

Dhiraj Saxena, Manmeeta, Mridul Kumar Mathur, G.D.Sharma and M.S.Roy

3. Design and Development of a Generic, Platform Independent MoSART Environment download here

Musti K. S. Sastry, Richard Balgobin

4. Eyeball and Blink Controlled Robot with Fuzzy Logic Based Obstacle Avoidance System for Disabled download here

K.S.Sabarish and A.M.Suman

5. Thermal Expansion Coefficient for Lead-Graphite and Lead-Iron Metal Matrix Composites download here

Dr. Jagannath K, Dr. S.S.Sharma, Dr. Chandrashekar Bhat and Raghavendra Prabhu

6. Deep Cold Rolling Process on AISI 4140 Steel and Optimization of Surface Roughness by Response Surface Methodology download here

P. R. Prabhu, S. M. Kulkarni, S. S. Sharma, Jagannath K and Chandrashekhar Bhat

7. Propanoyl(1E)N(2-acetylphenyl) 2-oxopropanehydrazonoate as a Corrosion Inhibitor for 6061 Al alloy-15 vol% SiC(p) Composite in 0.5 M Hydrochloric... download here

U Achutha Kini, Prakash Shetty, S Divakara Shetty and Arun Isloor

8. Age hardening and Thermomechanical Treatment of Stircast Iron Powder Reinforced Al Alloy Metal Matrix Composites download here

S. S. Sharma, Jagannath K., Chandrashekhar Bhat and P. R. Prabhu

9. Experimental Investigation of Surface Failure and Fatigue Life of Boron Steel download here

Chandrashekhar. Bhat, Anoop. A D, Gopinath.K, Jagannath. K, Sharma.S S, Raghavendra. Prabhu

10. Porous Ceramic Supports Prepared from Porcelain Mixture download here

M. S. Sharmiwati, Z. A. Ahmad and M. R. Othman

11. An Improving Scheme of Unranking t-ary Trees in Gray-code Order download here

Ro–Yu Wu, Jou–Ming Chang, An–Hang Chen and Chun–Liang Liu

12. Rifles In-Bore Finite Element Transient Analysis download here

S. Deng , H. K. Sun, and Chung‐Jung Chiu

13. 64-Point Radix 4 FFT Processing Using DBNS download here

M.Baby latha Rajan and Dr. V.Pushparahavan Ph.D.

14. Review on IEEE 802.11n Operation Base on MANET Routing Protocols download here

Mehdi Effatparvar and Babak Golaminia

15. Design of the Usability Measurement Framework for Mobile Applications download here

Tapanee Treeratanapon

16. An Implementation of Coincidence Algorithm on Multi-core Processors download here

W. Srimook and P. Chongstitvatana

17. Decision Tree Modeling for an Intelligent Recommendation System Supporting SRM for Universities in Thailand download here

Kanokwan Kongsakun, Tuchtawan chanakul, and Chun Che Fung

18. Real-Time Detection and Tracking with Kinect download here

Saket Warade, Jagannath Aghav, Claude Petitpierre and Sandeep Udayagiri

19. Left-to-Right Recoding Algorithm with Width-3 download here

Wei‐Hua He and Wan‐Lin Chung

20. Design and Synthesis of Azanaphthoquinone Annelated Pyrrolo Hydrazones as Anticancer Compounds download here

Nipawan Pongprom and Pornpan Pungpo

21. Amelioration of Liver Injury by Curcumin in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats download here

Vivian Soetikno, Meilei Harima, Kenji Suzuki, Kenichi Watanabe

22. An Investigation on the Naproxen Solubility and Permeability Enhancement in Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Gel for Topical Application download here

Senthil Rajan Dharmalingam, CT. Kumarappan, Michele Yong Woon Hui, Gan Chin Bao, Kuan You Ming and Lee Mun Fai

23. Study of Relationship between Risk Management and Applying New Methods of Financing in Various Branches of Bank Sepah in Ilam City download here

Esfandyar Mohammadi, Nahid Rashibeygi and Fathollah Hajizadeh

24. Career Progression of Women in Accounting- The Case of Mauritius download here

Dineshwar Ramdhony, Vanisha Oogarah‐Hanuman and Nazia Somir

25. An Evaluation on how External Auditors can benefit from the good work relationship with Internal Auditors for Audit Assignments download here

Deerajen RAMASAWMY and Mootooganagen RAMEN

26. Why SMEs Ignore Formal Accounting Systems - Entity Concept Explanation download here

Kesseven Padachi

27. H-NMR, Electronic properties and conductivity studies of (E)-1,5-diphenylcarbazone uranyl acetate (VI) [{(Ar)NNHCONN(Ar)2}UO2(Ac)(EtOH)] download here

Salem Et. Ashoor

28. Controlling Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions from Chemical Process Industries for Sustainable Development download here

V. N. Lad

29. Surface Capping of Magnetite Nanoparticles with Carboxymethyl Starch Molecules download here

Phawinee. Nanta, Wanwisa. Sakolpap, and Kittiwut. Kasemwong

30. Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia Dillenii) As Wet Mulch for Water Conservation download here

Dr. G.Y.Jayasinghe and J.L.H.Nishantha

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