PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. LC-MS/MS Profiling-based Metabolite Screening of Thermophilic Bacteria from Jordanian Hot Springs download here

Khalid Fandi, Muhanad Massadeh and Hartmut Laatsch

2. Triterpenoids from Phyllanthus reticulatus download here

Jamal A. Nasser, W.A. Yaacob and Laily B. Din

3. Optimization Mobile Phase and Elution Program to Separate Seven Basic Pharmaceuticals Using LC-QTOF/MS download here

Fouad Fadhil Mohamed, Md Pauzi Abdullah, Mohamed Rozali Bin Othman, Zuriaty Binti Zakeria and Jalifah Latip

4. Synthesis and study of 6,9-dimethyl-3,6,9,12,18-penta-8208;azabicyclo-8208;[12.3.1]-octadeca-1 (18),14,16-triene (L1) and 3,6,9,12-tetramethyl.. download here

Hadi A. A, Omar

5. Impact Assessment of Community-Based Forest Management in The Philippines: A Case Study Of CBFM Sites In Nueva Vizcaya download here

Elizabeth Tomas Carig

6. Birds of a feather trust each other- The effect of contact on trust in foreigners in Qatar download here

Majed Al‐Ansari and Abdoulaye Diop

7. Solidification of Dredged Marine Clay for Sustainable Civil Engineering Applications: A Laboratory Study download here

Chee‐Ming Chan, Taka‐aki Mizutani and Yoshiaki Kikuchi

8. Purification of Lipase Enzyme Produced by Bacillus Stearothermophilus HU1 download here

Muhannad Massadeh, Fatima Sabra, Rana Dajani, and Alaa Arafat

9. Residential Solid Wastes Characteristics and Energy Content In Al-Mussaib City In The Middle Of Iraq download here

Asst. Prof. Dr. Alaa Husaeen Wadie, Asst. Prof. Dr. Jawad Kadhim Abbood and Prof. Dr. Riyad Hassan Hadi

10. Effects of Land Use Types on Carbon and Nitrogen Content in Litter in Huai Lam Kradon Subwatershed, Lower Northern Thailand download here

Chattanong Podong and Roongreang Poolsiri

11. Pattern of host range, phytotoxin production and pathogenicity related genes among streptomyces complex inducing potato scab disease download here

Gholam Khodakaramian and Nasim Khodakaramian

12. Neural Network Integrated With Regression Methods to Forecast Electrical Load download here

Saeed M. Badran and Ossama Abouelatta

13. Study on influence of cavity length on the electrical properties of deep violet InGaN double quantum well lasers download here

Gh. Alahyarizadeh, Z. Hassan, S.M. Thahab and A.J. Ghazai

14. Non-invasive Bio-impedance Measurement Using Voltage-Current Pulse Technique download here

Sagar Kumar. Dhar and Quazi Delwar. Hossain

15. PIC Simulation of HPM Generation in an Axial Vircator download here

Moitreyee Maiti, Prathamesh Desai, N. M. Singh and Amitava Roy

16. Ancient Tamil Script Recognition from Stone Inscriptions Using Slant Removal Method download here

S. RajaKumar and Dr. V. Subbiah Bharathi

17. Experimental Investigation On The Behaviour Of Flexural Strengthening Of Beam Using Basalt Fiber download here

R Singaravadivelan, N Sakthieswaren and Dr.K.L Muthuramu

18. Optimization and Analysis of Heat Recovery from Domestic Cooking System download here

Bashir A. Leghari, Abdullah Mengal and Ayaz Hussain

19. Excel as a Teaching Aid for Thermodynamics download here

Mohamed M. El‐Awad, Ali M. Elseory

20. Boosting of Performance Enhancement for SI Engine: Experimental study download here

M. Muhamad Zin and Rahim Atan

21. Modeling and Validation of 7-DOF Ride Model for Heavy Vehicle download here

Syabillah Sulaiman, Pakharuddin Mohd Samin, Hishamuddin Jamaluddin, Roslan Abd Rahman and Mohammad Safwan Burhaumudin

22. Modeling and Validation of Magic Formula Tire Model download here

Mohammad Safwan Burhaumudin, Pakharuddin Mohd Samin, Hishamuddin Jamaluddin, Roslan Abd Rahman and Syabillah Sulaiman

23. Review on Elements of JIT Implementation download here

A.A. Nurul Fateha, M.Y. Nafrizuan and Y. Ahmad Razlan

24. Effect of Add an Aluminum Foam Layer to Bi-Layer Tubes to Make Sandwich Tubes and Finite Element Simulation of Tube Hydroforming Process for Make... download here

Javad Shahbazi Karami, Kian Aghababaei, Keramat Malekzadeh and Meisam Soroush

25. Solving Traveling Salesman Problem in Radial Basis Function Network download here

Nawaf Hamadneh, Saratha Sathasivam and Ong Hong Choon

26. A Reliability Point and Kalman Filter-based Vehicle Tracking Technique download here

Soo Siang Teoh and Thomas Bräunl

27. SOA-driven Sensor-based Patient Monitoring System with XMPP based Event Notification download here

Maha Abousharkh and Prof. Hussein Mouftah

28. An Ontology Driven E-counseling System As An Implementation of Semantic Web Technology download here

Sreeja Golui, Eshnna V.P.Ekka, Nidhi Jain and Animesh Dutta

29. Optimization Real-Time Tracking of Moving Objects Based on Differential and Active Blob download here

Hefzollah Mohammadian, Elaheh Esfandiarijahromi and Leili Esmailani