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1. Adoption of Cloud Computing To Enterprise - An Impediment download here

Saju Mathew

2. Local and Global Learning Methods for Predicting Power of a Combined Gas & Steam Turbine download here

Heysem Kaya, Pınar Tüfekci and Fikret S. Gürgen

3. Hybrid Speech recognition system based on wavelet 9/7 and Mel‐Frequency Cepstral Coefficient download here

Sozan Mahmood and Mihran Abdulrahim

4. Evaluation of Canny and OTSU Image Segmentation download here

Ali Abdo Mohammed Al‐Kubati and Jamil A. M. Saif

5. Electronic Properties of Complex Barium‐Neodymium Titanates in Microwave Regime download here

Dalveer Kaur and Sukhleen B. Narang

6. Two‐Phase Provisioning for HPC Tasks in Virtualized Datacenters download here

Nawfal A. Mehdi, Hussam Ali, Ali Amer and Ziyad.T.Abdul‐Mehdi

7. Strong Consensus in Cloud Computing download here

Farah Habib Chanchary and Samiul Islam

8. Automatic Identification of Ultrasound Liver Cancer Tumor Using Support Vector Machine download here

V. Ulagamuthalvi and D. Sridharan

9. Studying Agility during ERP lifecycle: a Conceptual Model for ERPImplementation and Agility Assessment download here

Mohamad Mohsen. Sedighi, Ghazaleh. Torabi, Mani. Shojaie and Taha. Mokfi

10. Minimizing Errors in Identifying Malicious API to Detect PE Malwares Using Artificial Costimulation download here

Saman Mirza Abdulla, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miss Laiha Mat Kiah and Assoc. Prof. Dr.Omar Zakaria

11. Replica Allocation Technique Based on Clusters for MANETs download here

Rajeev. Kumar and Prashant. Kumar

12. Prefetching based Cooperative Caching in Mobile Adhoc Networks download here

Naveen. Chauhan, and L.K. Awasthi

13. A Comparative Review of Techniques to Implement Text‐Independent Speaker Recognition System download here

Rahul Mandal and Pawan Kumar Jha

14. Effect of Fading Correlation on the VBLAST Detection of UCA‐MIMO systems download here

M. A. Mangoud

15. Harmonic Analysis of Personal Computer System using Kalman Filtering Algorithm and Experimental Verification download here

Sunil Kumar Gunda, A. D. Sudheer and D.V.S.S.Siva Sarma

16. Diagnostic Classification of Renal Lesions using Wavelet‐based Texture Descriptors in WEB Environment download here

G. Kulanthaivel

17. Analysis and Comparison of Risk and Load Point Indices of Power System Model HLI and HLII download here

L.B. Rana, Dr.N.Karki

18. Two and Three Output Ports Soft Switched DC‐DC Converter‐ A Comparative Analysis download here

T. NageswaraRao and V.C. Veera Reddy

19. Optimizing power flow using Support Vector Machine download here

Vijayalakshmi .N and Gayathri .K

20. Evaluation and Performance of Power Flow Controlling and Quality Monitoring In IEEE‐30 Bus System Using Intelligent Techniques download here

Uppari Srinivasulu, Dr. Sirobhusana Kesavan and Dr. B.V.Sanker Ram

21. An Integrated Genetic Algorithm‐Conventional Regression‐Analysis of Variance for Improvement of Gasoline Demand Estimation download here

A. Azadeh, M. Sheikhalishahi, M. Mirjalili, S. Nassiri

22. A Hybrid Neuro‐Fuzzy Approach for Improvement of Natural Gas Price Forecasting in Vague and Noisy Environments: Domestic and Industrial Sectors download here

A. Azadeh , M. Sheikhalishahi, S. Shahmiri

23. A Flexible Neural Network‐Fuzzy Mathematical Programming Approach for Optimum Estimation of Cellular Phone Subscriptions in Uncertain and Non‐ Linear download here

A. Azadeh, M. Sheikhalishahi, F. Asgarian and Dr. Keramati

24. Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow within Hollow Fiber Membranes of the Total Artificial Lung download here

Khalil Khanafer and Keith Cook

25. Analysis of the thermodynamic parameters of adsorption on silica gel machine for cooling, powered solar energy: application case download here

Roberto de Lieto Vollaro

26. Biosorption of Cadmium from Aqueous Solution by Cork Biomass download here

Zoubeida Sfaksi, Fouad Krika and Noureddine Azzouz

27. Online Tool Wear Monitoring using Cutting Forces in Turning Ti‐6Al‐4V download here

Satyanarayana. Kosaraju, Venu Gopal. Anne and Bangaru Babu. Popuri

28. Conceptual Design of a Rubber Tracked Mini‐Vehicle for Small Holders Using Off‐Road Vehicle Engineering Techniques download here

A. F. Kheiralla , Yousif G. Alseed, Abbas Eltigani and Elhaj A. Yousif

29. Taguchi based Grey Relational Analysis to Optimize Face Milling Process with Multiple Performance Characteristics download here

Sadasiva Rao T., Rajesh V. and Venu Gopal A.

30. Damping Effect of Viscoelastic Materials on Sandwich Beams download here

P. Bangarubabu, K. Kishore Kumar and Y. Krishna

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