PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Optimization of NEMS Switch for Single Electron Transistor Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm download here

F. Emami, A. Mootab‐Saei

2. Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation Life Prediction of Materials download here

Y. S. Upadhyaya and B. K. Sridhara

3. A Novel Z‐Source Neutral Point Clamped Multilevel Inverter for Non‐Linear Loads download here

C. L. Kuppuswamy and T. A. Raghavendiran

4. Capacity Balancing or Unbalancing: A Discussion download here

Kartiki. Jagtap and Neelakanteswara Rao. Akasapu

5. A Comparative Analysis of WDM RoF‐EPON Link with and without DCF download here

Vinod Kumar, Baljeet Kaur and Ajay K. Sharma

6. Effect of Approaching Angle on Main Cutting Forces While Turning Ti‐6Al‐4V Alloy download here

Rakesh Sehgal, Mukund Dutt Sharma, and Arunil Sharma

7. The Germination Variations in Fleawort (Plantago psyllium L.) by Nano‐Particle download here

Hossein Aliabadi Farahani, Behzad Sani, and Kasra Maroufi

8. Isolation and cell mass production process of Trichoderma harzianum a new biocontrol agent against oil palm pathogen Ganoderma boninense download here

Rahaeifard, M., Then, C., Wan Mustapha, W.A., Othman, N.Z., Sarmidi, M.R., Aziz, R.A. and El Enshasy, H.A.

9. Optimization of Glucose Production from Oil Palm Trunk through Acid Hydrolysis download here

Shervan Babamohammadi And Ida Idayu Muhamad

10. Change in biopellet morphology during submerged cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus in shake flask download here

Parisa Maftoun, Roslinda. A. Malek, Mohamed Roji Sarmidi, Ramlan. A. Aziz and Hesham. El Enshasy

11. Depth Estimation using Open Compute Language (OpenCL) download here

Giovanni Visentini and Amit Gupta

12. Performance Behaviour Analysis of the Present 3‐Level Cache System for Multi‐ Core Systems using Queuing Modelling download here

Muhammad Ali Ismail

13. Efficient Speaker Verification System Based on Heart Sound and Speech download here

Osama. Alhamdani, Ali. Chikma, Jamal.Dargham, Sh‐Hussain. Salleh and Fuad.Numan. Alias. Mohd Noor

14. Parallel Matrix Multiplication on Multi‐Core Processors using SPC3 PM download here

Muhammad Ali Ismail, Talat Altaf and S.H. Mirza

15. Investigation of Warrior Robots Behavior by Using Evolutionary Algorithms download here

Shahriar Sharifi Borojerdi, Mehdi Karimi and Ehsan Amiri

16. A Certificateless Proxy Signature Scheme Secure In Standard Model download here

Ziba Eslami and Nasrollah Pakniat

17. Cluster Based Efficient Caching Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks download here

Naveen Chauhan, L.K. Awasthi and Narottam Chand

18. Identification of Reusable Procedure Based Modules using kNN Approach download here

Amritpal Kaur, Rajbir Singh Cheema and Parvinder S. Sandhu

19. Cytotoxicity Efficiency of Nano‐Dosage of Libyan Urginea maritima Aqueous Extract on Malignant Human Neuroblastoma SH‐SY5Y Cell line download here

Maati. M.Elghuol, Mohamed. Saifulaman. Mohamed, and Mazatulikhma. Mat. Zain

20. Water Decoction of Olive Leaf Reduces Blood Glucose in Normal and Alloxan Diabetic Rats download here

Ahmed Abu‐zaiton, Mariam Abu‐Albasal

21. The Effects of Cigarette or Hookah Smoking on Serum Levels of LH, FSH or Testosterone in Male Rats download here

Heidary F, Ahmadi R and Lotfi A

22. Inhibition of Mycoparasitic Growth by Filamentous Nonpolyne Chitinolytic Producing Bacteria download here

Abdullah Y. Al‐Mahdi, Qaees Y. M. Abdullah, Anas A. Al‐Mahbashi, Abdulrahman A. Homed, Salwa H. Al‐Kaeat and Saeed M. Al‐Galibi

23. Effect of soil texture on moisture measurement accuracy with Theta probe ML2 in Sistan region download here

Nooshin Sarani and Peyman Afrasiab

24. Study of the Quality of agricultural and drinking water of Chahnimeh Reservoirs in Sistan download here

Shirahmad Sarani, Nooshin Sarani, Shahriar Rafat, sayed Mahmood Tabatabaii

25. Comparison of Artificial Neural Network and Multivariate Linear Regression Model to Predict Sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) (Case Study: Sistan River, I download here

Nooshin Sarani, Jaber Soltani, Shirahmad Sarani, Ali Moasheri

26. Characteristics of Micro and Mesopous Structure and Surface Chemistry of Activated Carbons Produced By Oil Palm Shell download here


27. Responses of Tetraselmis sp. and Nannochloropsis sp. Isolated from Penang National Park Coastal Waters, Malaysia, to the Combined Influences of Salini download here

Mohamed Alsull and Wan Maznah Wan Oma

28. Interactions of Metal Ions with Alginates: The Use of Computer Simulations to Recover the Macroscopic Experimental Data download here

Wojciech Plazinski

29. Nitrate Pollution in the Groundwater Around Sagar Town, Madhya Pradesh, India download here

D. C. Jhariya, Arun K. Shandilya and Rakesh Dewangan

30. Water Resources Management and Water Quality, case of Bhopal download here

Ar. Kavita Dehalwar and Dr. Jagdish Singh

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