PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Effect of Benthosema pterotum Peptide on Aging in Mice with Oxidative Damage download here

Huey‐Jine Tsai, Hsin‐Fang Chang, Hsin‐Jung Ho, Li‐Ting Huang, Yuan‐Chen Chiu, Yi‐Kuan Tsai, Ching‐Han Lai, Jane C‐J Chao

2. Synthesis and study of 3,7,11-trimethyl-3,7,11,17-tetraazabicyclo [11.3.1] hepta decane (L1) and its Nickel (II), copper (II) and zinc (II) complexes. download here

Hadi A. A, Omar and Peter Moore

3. Detection of Iron and Manganese Concentrations in Human Biological Fluid with Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (FAAS) download here

Syed Fahad Akbar Ali, Muhammad Asif, Syed Umair Mehdi and Raja Hammad Saeed

4. The Influence of low-power laser Energy on Red blood cell and platelets (In vitro) download here

Zahra.Al Timimi, M.S. Jaafar, Mohd Zubir Mat Jafri , Hend A. A Houssein, Farhad Hamad. Mustafa and Ghaleb A. Al‐Dahash

5. Chitosan as a Potent Adsorbent of Humic Acid, the Candidate Inducer of Blackfoot Disease download here

Chia‐Rui Shen, Jeen‐Kuan Chen and Chao‐Lin Liu

6. Meta xylene removal from industrial wastewater using dielectrophoretic technique download here

Mir MasoudHosseini, MortezaHosseini, Davodmohebbi‐Kalhori

7. Phytochemical study of Helianthemum Kahiricum download here

Mc. Aberkane, F. Bouzergoune, P. Mosset and F. Bitam

8. A Comparative Study on Low and High Density Polymer as Support Material for Immobilization of Denitrifying Bacteria in Biological Wastewater Treatment download here

Srinu Naik. S and Y. Pydi Setty

9. The accumulation of copper ions in biomass and its influence on the production of phytochelatine in shoot culture of Musa paradisiaca download here

Tjie Kok

10. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Municipal Waste Management System of Karaj download here

Nematollah Khorasani, Shahram Naghibzadeh, Mohsen Ghadiryanfar, Ziaedin Badehian

11. Geothermal water desalination by using nanofiber download here

Saja Jaafar Sadeq

12. Phytochemical Study Of The Plant Launaea Arborescens download here

A. Dibi and F. Bitam

13. GA-Fuzzy Logic Optimization for Constructed Wetland Design download here

Ahmad Qasaimeh, Maria Elektorowicz and Marek Balazinski

14. Photocatalytic Performance of Nanoporous WO3 for Carbon Monoxide Removal download here

Arnanpapha Chuensab and Apichon watcharenwong

15. Design and Optimization of Citric Acid Fermentation Process by Statistical Method download here

Anand Kishore Kola and Venkat Reddy Goli

16. Physicochemical Analysis of Jam Preparations from Watermelon Waste download here

Souad Abati Mohamad, Olorunnisola K. saheed and Parveen Jamal

17. Combustion of Agro-waste in A Fluidized Bed for Heat Recovery download here

Srinath. Suranani and Venkat Reddy. Goli

18. Ecological Restoration of Gaber-Oun Hyper-Saline Lake (Southern Libya) download here

Almathnani, A. M. and Elssaidi, M. A.

19. Establishment of Platform for Cbl-b Screening on RNA Level download here

Ying‐Lin Liu and Chao‐Lin Liu

20. Identification of Beta-lactamase Gene in Chitinibacter tainanensis download here

Yu‐Sheng Hsieh, Chao‐Lin Liu and Jeng‐Ywan Shih

21. The Effect of Structure Crystallization on Chitin Hydrolysis by Chitinibacter tainanensis download here

Jeen‐Kuan Chen, Chia‐Rui Shen and Chao‐Lin Liu

22. Molecular Modeling of ASCHI61 Isolated from Aeromonas schubertii download here

Biing‐Cheng Lim and Chao‐Lin Liu

23. Efficiency of Gene Expression in IRES Vector download here

Zong‐Mu Cai, Ya‐Shan Chen, Chia‐Rui Shen and Chao‐Lin Liu

24. Recycling of Waste Polymeric Materials as a Partial Replacement for Aggregate in Concrete download here

Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Md. Akhtarul Islam and Mainuddin Ahmed

25. Foraging Ecology of Black-naped Monarch (Hypothymis azurea) and Asian Paradise‐flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) in Lowland Malaysian Rainforest download here

Mohammad Saiful Mansor and Shahrul Anuar Mohd Sah

26. Effects of seed priming on germination characteristics of Bromus species under salt and drought conditions download here

Ali Tavili and Salman Zare

27. Dynamic Analysis of a CSTR using Aspen Dynamics download here

Sarath Babu Anne and Praveen Kumar Bommineni

28. Synthesis and preparation of nano-perovskite ceramic membrane for hydrogen separation download here

Marzieh Heidari and Aliakbar Safekordi

29. Diversity and Abundance of Mysid Shrimps (Crustacea: Mysidae) at Larut River, Matang Mangrove, Peninsular Malaysia download here

TueantaRamarn, Chong VingChing, and Yukio Hanamura

30. The Impact of Liquidity on Iranian Bank Profitability download here

Mahshid shahchera

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