PSRC - Planetary Scientific Research Center Proceeding

1. Series and Parallel Resonant Inverter Fed Ferromagnetic Load- A Comparative Analysis download here

A. Suresh, S. Rama Reddy

2. Protection Of Relational Database Using Session Key download here

Julin Geevarghese, Celia Beryl Philips, M. N. Sushmitha and M. Roberts Masillamani

3. Towards the u‐life Care by Integrative Active Monitoring and Sharp Cloud download here

Sreekanth A., Shankar C., Sambath M., Roberts Masillamani M.

4. Selective Crossover base on Fitness in Multi‐Swarm Optimization download here

Chiabwoot Ratanavilisagul, Boontee Kruatrachue

5. Moving Object tracking Based on Background Subtraction Combined Temporal Difference download here

Ssu‐Wei Chen, Luke K. Wang, Jen‐Hong Lan

6. ARP Poisoning Attack Detection and Protection in WLAN via Client Web Browser download here

Navid Behboodian and Shukor Abd Razak

7. An Efficient Type Reduction Method For Type‐2 Fuzzy Neural Networks download here

Mehdi. Danandeh Hokmabad, Mohammad Mehdi. Ebadzadeh and Rouhollah Bagheri

8. Metadata‐driven Querying Tool For MS SQL applications download here

Ahmed.Arara and Salma Ali

9. Social Networks Privacy Issues That Affect Young Societies download here

Alireza Azimi and Abouzar Abbaspour Ghomi

10. A Novel Approach On Facial Recognition System download here

Ahmet ÇINAR & Mehmet ŞAKAR

11. A Grameen Bank Concept: Microcredit and Poverty Alleviation Program in Bangladesh download here

Md. Khaled Shukran and Farhana Rahman

12. Modularity Optimization for Clustering in Social Networks download here

Narges. Azizifard, Dr. Mehregan. Mahdavi, and Dr. Babak. Nasersharif

13. Using Remote Sensing data to identify iron deposits in central western Libya download here


14. Accurate Face Recognition Using PCA and LDA download here

Sukhvinder Singh, Meenakshi Sharma and Dr. N.Suresh Rao

15. Robust & Accurate Face Recognition using Histograms download here

Sarbjeet Singh, Meenakshi Sharma and Dr. N.Suresh Rao

16. Dominant Audio Energy Based Key Frame Extraction for Sports Video Summarization download here

Sudhir S. Kanade, and Pradeep M. Patil

17. The examination electronic services quality of Sina bank with E‐SERVQUAL model In Shiraz Branches download here

Amin Shapor Jahromi, Ebadolah Ahmadi, Farzane Fakhravari and Pouya Mostafa Adiby

18. Implementation of IC using System Verilog and FPGA download here

Shoaib. Shah Sobhan, Sudipta. Das and Iqbalur. Rahman

19. Detecting of a Power Swing Phenomenon During Two Worst Simultaneous Faults Using System Characteristics download here

S. Saeid Taheri and Hosein Askarian‐Abyaneh

20. Influence of Polymeric Matrices on the Thermal Stability and Heat of Combustion of High Energy Materials download here

Ahmed Elbeih, Svatopluk Zeman, Jiri Pachman, and Zbynek Akstein

21. Development of Optical Fiber Toxic Gas Sensor Using Conducting Polymer Film download here

Dr. K. P. Kakde and Dr. P. D. Gaikwad

22. Numerical Vision of Pre‐Arc Gaseous Discharge Progress in Air under Ultra High Voltage Stress download here

Ali. Sajadi, Ehsan. Hashemi and Edris Agheb

23. Robust Method for IKONOS Imagery Fusion in Frequency Domain download here

Alireza Safdarinezhad, Arash Rahmanizadeh, M. J. Valadan Zoej, Mehdi Mokhtarzade, M. Jannati

24. Electrostatic Analysis Of DC Discharge Phenomena In Air With Dielectric Barriers download here

A. Kara, Ö. Kalenderli and K. Mardikyan

25. The Thickness Effect of Indium‐Phosphide‐Oxide Layer on Photon Absorption of Multijunction Photovoltaic Cells download here

Mir Abdulla‐Al‐Galib, K. M. A. Salam, Mohammad A. Awal, Iqbalur Rahman, Haroon‐Or‐Rashid

26. Efficient Hardware Implementation of Reed Solomon Encoder and Decoder in FPGA using Verilog download here

Aqib. Al Azad, Minhazul. Huq, Iqbalur. Rahman Rokon

27. Identification of Unified Power Flow Controller Location under Line Outage Contingencies download here

Shobha Shankar and T. Ananthapadmanabha

28. Total Quality Management in Manufacturing Industry of Pakistan: A Case of Cement Industry download here

M. Noman Malik and Huma Hayat Khan

29. Design And Fabrication of 3D Messgerate download here

R.Vijayakumar, S. Sathish Kumar and Dr. C. Elanchezhian

30. Mathematical Model of Interactive Respiration/Cardiovascular Composite System download here

Rong‐Mao Lee, Hsin‐Lin Chiu, Nan‐Chyuan Tsai

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